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En fait, n'eut ete leur stylisation et leur inscription deguisee, dans certains cas, ces representations pourraient presque paraitre obscenes tant elles sont explicites.
In Pine Groves of Miho, Sufruga from Thirty-Six Views of Mt Fuji, for instance, the bars of deep ultramarine top and bottom which are a stylisation of these prints are juxtaposed with startling frankness with the flat yellow of the sky.
Stylisation was central to the production as a whole, with its use of colourful modern costumes and facial decoration, culminating in the panache and balletic elegance of the crucifixion scene with its flowing streamers rather than blood, wood and nail.
of the original, raw and authentic form, which in its primary version functions fairly well at a folk festival, to a concert stage, which, on the other hand, requires a great degree of stylisation.
beaucoup moins que]Ma peinture est une stylisation florale et un passage entre le reel et l'abstraction[beaucoup plus grand que], dit-elle.
In all sorts of ways, the familiar is rendered strange: here, is Harry Beck's map of the Tube system--itself a stylisation rather than a work of geographical accuracy--but we also have a version rendered in curving lines that comes across as both pleasing and somehow subversive.
A Bonhams spokeswoman said: "The ambiguous stylisation of the initials may point to a discretion necessary in conducting their affair, but the Prince's decision to have the brooch commissioned at Cartier and the intimate form of the design appears to publicly affirm his decision to marry Wallis.
72, which is more a melancholic reminiscence of dance pictures than a faithful dance stylisation.
We didn't want to repeat anything else from them and whilst I appreciate the Tim Burton Batmans from the point of view of the production design and the stylisation, it was still a carnival atmosphere, a carnival Gotham.
Just occasionally the stylisation can come close to preciousness, but for the most part it works well and the end of Genesis leaves you suitably curious about how the very different worlds of East Africa and Britain in 1968 and 2002 will follow on.
On the other hand, a high degree of stylisation is characteristic for the mode of performance as well.
The story of Faust and the polarity of good and evil that it involves is expressed by the organ in classical stylisation on the one hand and the trivial orchestrion sound on the other.
Not even the trained voice of singer Marts Dunova--otherwise very good--improves the result, since it only points up the irresolute balancing act between authenticity and stylisation.
Through agendas, conventions, decisions and stylisations, map-makers act to blinker the lens through which we view the world.