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Synonyms for styleless

lacking in style or elegance

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She's so loud we all know one option is a TV show called Charley's Angels, where she gives styleless teens a makeover.
Serving as an interim narrative climax, the ensuing sequence draws together numerous strands of the film thus far, and from the first emphatically resituates Jake as symbolically castrated: his lack being broadcast whether one considers his impotent attempts at obtaining a picture from his television set as he eats a sandwich and drinks a bottle of beer, his styleless combination of open shirt, baggy shorts and dark socks, or his increasing physical bulk.
Styleless red signs line Main Street, with sterile, artless names all rendered--by law-in the exact same font: Thrift Shop, Community Library, Fish Store, Cocktail Lounge, General Store, Travel Agency/Bakery, Public Safety Dept.
Each week, Lisa and Mica invite a bunch of styleless hopefuls - such as women with much younger partners, mothers of the bride and widows - to a party at their place.
Minnie Pearl, the undisputed queen of country comedy, known for her hopelessly styleless knee-length country dresses, her straw hat decorated with colorful plastic flowers and a $1.
Above all its ugly, dated and styleless, basically, it's a right mess.
surely will make it back to the Broadway stage, but the leading lady needs to be infinitely more lovable than the one in the Paper Mill's styleless rendition.
There has been considerable speculation over the nature of this so--called naive or styleless manner of drawing.
Styleless Sting's Mrs, Trudie Styler, lacks her usual style as she clambers out of her stylish car in a skirt that barely covers her stylish butt