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a sheet summarizing the editorial conventions to be followed in preparing text for publication

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Note that unlike HTML [and code like <HTML> and </HTML>], you don't have any special code that says the style sheet is a style sheet.
As it happens, though, a few simple tricks with style sheets and HTTP redirects allow an OAI repository to stand alone as an independent Web application.
Graphic design has been divided into the production factor and style sheet criteria.
One of the challenges of creating good looking web pages is to keep track of linked style sheets, embedded style sheets, style sheets included in other style sheets and in-line style rules.
The CLASS attribute can hold information that would otherwise be lost when converting a document to HTML, and a style sheet can act on the value of the CLASS attribute (see Figure 2).
A style sheet can initially define properties--for example, font size, weight, and color, as applied to each textual element.
Using CSS, Webmasters can separate a site's design from its content, enabling them to change an entire site's colors, fonts and other layout information by modifying a single style sheet.
However, it also introduces some rather advanced topics, such as adding forms to a Web page and using Cascading Style Sheets.
Creating the universally accepted Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Style One lets you quickly enhance your web site with stunning graphics and a consistent look and feel.
Topics covered include the structure of CSS rules; how CSS and XHTML work together; selectors; inheritance and specificity; fonts, colors, and backgrounds; layouts; form elements; styling tables; and creating a style sheet for print.
The browser will automatically apply the styling from the new style sheet to the elements in the documents.
The sheet is called by a tag in the HEAD of the document (when the sheet applies to the whole document), or by an inline reference to an element in the style sheet.
This small guide to Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets (SASS) provides web developers with an overview of this programming language for designing semantic, easy to read and understand style sheets.