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It was designed by Arthur McKewan - the man behind city's oldest swimming pool, Woodcock Street Baths - and is considered a notable example of the Birmingham Arts and Crafts style of architecture.
It is considered a notable example of the 'Birmingham Arts and Crafts' style of architecture.
Robin Hood Gardens, a Seventies east London concrete block, is famous for its Brutalist style of architecture.
80 crore at Adyar in the Dravidian style of architecture.
A major expansion of Robarts Library at the University of Toronto will add 1,200 work and study spaces to the iconic facility, which is known as an exemplar of the concrete Brutalist style of architecture from the 1960s.
Tilal Liwa Hotel is a sand-coloured, authentic 'Oasis of Hospitality' built in the traditional Arabian style of architecture with lush date trees, and featuring elegantly appointed rooms and suites overlooking to the undulating sand dunes of Rub Al Khali desert.
Q1 - Davina McCall What name is given to the style of architecture, furniture making and decorative art prevalent in England from 1714 to 1830?
The use of pilasters is typical of the Attic or Athenian style of architecture.
This text celebrates the 300th anniversary of The Mansion House, the oldest free-standing house in Dublin and unique example of the Queen Anne style of architecture in the region, as well as the only remaining mayoral residence in Ireland.
He said: "The New England' style of architecture at Rivenwood brings a completely new concept to Northern Ireland housing and together with the varied range of house types, will ultimately create a really attractive environment for families seeking to buy a new home in the area.
There is a more vintage style of architecture which lends itself beautifully to the picture perfect postcard scenes of Italy.
I was informed some years ago that Huddersfield was one of only two in Britain of that style of architecture.
It was pretty much coincidence that the style of architecture popular in the late 19th century had a gothic look that to modern eyes was appropriate for some uses, particularly some public buildings like these.
Doha has become a major destination for GCC citizens with its focus on the legacy of forefathers and its conservation of their way of life and style of architecture, something that is prominent at Souq Waqif," said
Built between 1925-1931, it is a prime example of the international style of architecture, influenced by Russian constructivism," it added.