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Synonyms for stylus


Synonyms for stylus

a sharp pointed device attached to the cartridge of a record player

a pointed tool for writing or drawing or engraving


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alata presents long strips of stigmatic tissue that extend from the gynoecial apex downwards along the stylar surface.
Senecio vulgaris, the type species of Senecio, has typically truncate stylar tips with only a few hairs that are different in length, and outer surfaces glabrous (Fig.
13 mm long, adnate for 1-2 mm to the common tube with petals and style; anthers 2-3 mm long, fixed near the base, base sagittate, apex apiculate; pollen narrowly ellipsoid, sulcate, exine irregularly microreticulate, appearing corrugate, muri thickened; stigma conduplicate, white, stylar lobes terete, suberect to subspreading, ca.
Araceae TABLE 5 Relative frequency of visitor's behavior on both floral mophs and different stamens groups MARCH 1999 MARCH 2000 (n=240) (n=180) Arrivals to flowers with different stylar orientation 108 (0.
DISCUSSION The material represents a didelphid because the metacone is larger than the paracone, stylar cusps A, B, C and D are present, although variable, the stylar shelf is wide, and the centrocrista is V-shaped.
In an obligately out-crossing species, self-pollination (geitonogamy) may be particularly detrimental because self pollen takes up space on stigmas, self-pollen tubes can preempt the stylar transmitting tract, and self pollen can penetrate ovules that subsequently fail to set seed (de Nettancourt 1977, Ockendon and Currah 1977, Gerber 1985, Seavey and Bawa 1986, Hessing 1988, Galen et al.
They appear sound but are decayed near the stylar end.
16) It has been hypothesized that high concentrations of calcium oxalate in the stigmatic and stylar tissues of the grape flower prevent germ tube elongation by Botrytis cinerea (9,10,11,12) calcium also has been shown to decrease the decay area (severity) caused by Botrytis cinerea in apples.
fail to penetrate stylar tissue in self-incompatible (female) x
Tripartite stigma, apical and sessile, with epidermis composed of elongated papillary cells, pattern of epidermis that is maintained throughout the stylar canal.
faginea, but differs by the number of buds on branch apices, stipular shape, petiolar surface, inflorescence length and position, stylar branching, and fruit peduncle and spines.
Pods formed from a cleistogamous flower had a small hooked stylar tissue and anthers adhered to the stigma, while pods formed from chasmogamous flowers had a long style and no anthers adhered to the stigma (Van Wyk, 1990).
The stigma and stylar environment through which pollen-tubes must grow must influence pollen performance.
Louisiana iris flowers have three stylar arms that fuse at the top of the ovary, allowing the measurement of conspecific and heterospecific pollen tubes growing in separate arms of a single flower.
Interspecific incompatibility due to stylar barriers in tuber-bearing and closely related non-tuber-bearing Solanums.