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Synonyms for sty

an infection of the sebaceous gland of the eyelid

a pen for swine


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As can be seen from Table 4, microspheres of poly(Sty) having a diameter of 250 nm have shown a reflection peak at 525 [26] and 618 [27] nm, respectively.
Before the addition of the STY category, Pagasa only utilized three official tropical cyclone categories: Tropical Depression, Tropical Storm, and Typhoon.
"Before launching this new Saudia flight, people had to fly first to Washington or New York to catch a seven-hour flight to Los Angeles," Sty told Arab News.
ATTRACTIVE The four-bedroom property at Blaydon Burn also has an orchard, pig sty, duck pond, stables, paddock and a workshop
Freshly dumped by his girlfriend, Charlie drops out of culinary school and slinks home to his brothers, annoyingly positive Teddy (Hamilton) and alcoholic Sty (Peter Dinklage).
Upset and baffled family want their 10-week-old pig returned to his sty
Because women's brains also produce dopamine, Vilain suggests that Sty "must compensate for something that's present in females and not males."
As part of Sainsburys to You (STY) strategy to reinforce its position in the Hom Shopping Market they have recently departed from their outsourced delivery operation.
If the sty stays or affects your vision, see your doc.
By 1840 it was being used as a pig sty, since there was much less need to catch doves.
Weinstein provides valuable comments on legal processes, problems of suborned witnesses, court notaries doctoring witnesses' evidence (and challenged by fei sty women witnesses), on the role of "gossip" and "opinion" in testimony, on the problems of official peace-making and establishing sureties.
The sty, near Cheddar, Somerset, even has a diary room and chickens.
It's OK to be a show-off You and your fellow Sty leaders have worked hard to build innovative programs in your community.
Piggy sisters Porkchop, Crackling and Porkpie, brother Rasher and mum Snuffles demolished the duck house, made a mud bath of the donkey field and left their sty a mangled wreck.
Then he waters both porches, the pig sty, and his white '57 Ford truck.