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Synonyms for sty

an infection of the sebaceous gland of the eyelid

a pen for swine


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Walkers often use the footpath behind the sty and the pigs trot over to the fence and say hello.
Petit Forestier and StY are now collaborating to develop bespoke vehicle designs, since there are significant cost savings to be made through vehicle design being tailored to store location.
It's OK to be a show-off You and your fellow Sty leaders have worked hard to build innovative programs in your community.
Then he waters both porches, the pig sty, and his white '57 Ford truck.
The building, which also includes a pig sty, is in the yard which was once used as the Coventry Canal Company's main repair centre.
Only if the sty doesn't heal or becomes large, or if your child is afflicted with many of them, should you see a doctor.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement of sty items for hq ce navy vizag
Educationist Abdelelah Sty, dean of the College of Business in Rabigh, welcomed the prince's move to revolutionize the education sector, saying it was essential to boost the Kingdom's future.
emotional a delicate sty prevents th MELOD GARDOThe Absen MELODY GARDOT The Absence Low-key an elegant jaz warbling fr Grammy-n New Jersey sophisticate discreetly a backdrops Gardot ple room to s and sway genteel jazz sty Low-key and elegant jazzy warbling from the Grammy-nominated New Jersey goil.
She removed all the straw from her sty and piled it up outside.
Surely time for a change in the sty and a rearrangement of Sir Christopher's boardroom piglets?
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement it sty for cmp centre and school out of it grant (sty)
This is a very good move," said Abdelelah Sty, dean of the College of Business in Rabigh, while praising the efforts of the SCTA chief Prince Sultan bin Salman to boost domestic tourism.