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a speech impediment marked by involuntary repetitions and pauses

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Last year, Farah featured in a 15-minute documentary called Just Another Accent, on the challenges of stuttering.
I was gripped by fear and anxiety that I would never stop stuttering, that people would not see me beyond my stuttering, that stuttering would define who I am.
Atypical development of the auditory-motor and thalamic-cortical circuits of the basal ganglia was found in children with stuttering, which in turn, affects the speech planning and execution processes required to achieve motor control of fluent speech (15).
Keywords: Factitious disorder, stuttering, psychoeducation, Munchausen syndrome
Annie's stuttering was categorized as an "85-percent" disability.
The National Stuttering Association indicates 84% relapse in stuttering therapy 5 out of 6 patients will continue to stutter after therapy.
Background and Objective: Stuttering is one of the most common speech disorders in adolescents than adults.
0 allows the stuttering person to hear his or her own 'Vocal Tone', which is produced by the opening and closing of the speaker's 'Vocal Folds'.
To help people who stutter, The Stuttering Foundation created a free, downloadable identification card that allows them to identify themselves in a nonverbal way as someone who may have trouble speaking.
As a grown man, I see my stuttering challenge as a blessing because it gave me the opportunity to reinvent myself to become a great speaker.
An Israeli mobile app that uses the world's first stuttering detection algorithm to help stutterers overcome their condition comes 3,500 years too late for the most famous Jewish stutterer, Moses, but not a moment too soon for present day sufferers of the condition.
According to the type of speech disorder, the majority of subjects (54%) had dyslalia, 25% had dysphasia, and stuttering was observed in 21%.
The course then tells you to speak about stuttering and not to avoid things, which is just a massive barrier to break down.
The 31-year-old actress, who struggled with stuttering between the ages of 7-14, opened up about her teacher whose advice helped her overcome the problem, adding the disorder alienated her as she had trouble communicating.
Although stuttering was previously considered to be a motor deficiency, interruptions to speech fluency might be the result of stuttering rather than the cause (Armson & Kalinowski, 1994).