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Synonyms for stutter

Synonyms for stutter

to introduce involuntary repetitions and pauses into one's speech


a speech impediment marked by involuntary repetitions and pauses

Synonyms for stutter

a speech disorder involving hesitations and involuntary repetitions of certain sounds

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But Cervantes, like the singing stutterer (stutterers typically do not stutter when they sing) produces a seamless imitation of orality that never misses a beat (or misses a beat with calculated brilliance).
23) One of the earliest accounts of her life implies that the "considerable mortifications" she experienced as an actress proceeded from her "natural impediments," and mentions, in passing, that her stutter meant a life of retirement from public life.
Bloodstein raises an issue that appears to be central to the problem of relapse for persons who stutter, namely their ability to maintain changes in a problem behavior that has not only been a "lifelong problem" but, as Perkins (1979) stated, has become a part of their identity that they may be unwilling, or unable, to give up.
Mr Stutter left Holyhead beach in a boat which was "unsuitable for the sea" at around 7am on March 30 - a day when it was the biggest astronomical tide of the year.
Subgroups of children who stutter based on biological, physiological, learned behavior, psychological, and neurological differences have been reported and discussed (Bennett, 2005; Bloodstein, 1995; Conture, 2000; Guitar, 2006; Logan, 2006; Manning, 2001; Shapiro, 1999; Silverman, 2004).
His close friend Roger Stutter, from Newcastle, encouraged him to write down his thoughts in a journal.
ATLANTA -- Children who stutter have been found to have deficiencies in white-matter organization in a tract that interconnects the frontal speech/motor planning region and the posterior speech comprehension region, suggesting that inefficient connectivity among speech-relevant regions of the left hemisphere may be a possible neuroanatomical basis for stuttering, Soo-Eun Chang, Ph.
Jake is smitten with her immediately, but is unable to express his thoughts or feelings adequately because of a crippling stutter.
When compared with normal controls, children who stutter had reduced whitematter integrity only in the left arcuate fasciculus (a tract that underlies the oral-facial motor regions), as measured by fractional anisotropy.
Also, people who stutter tend to have less airflow during speech difficulties involving the coordination of laryngeal muscles, which results in decreased air volume in the lungs before speech initiation (Stager, Denman, and Ludlow, 1997).
Parents who notice their child beginning to stutter should seek help right away.
More than 3 million Americans stutter, with males four times more likely to stutter than females.
For more information, including a list of famous people who stutter and a downloadable poster, visit www.
About 5 per cent of youngsters develop a stutter, usually at the age of three or four.
QI'VE had a stutter since childhood and have recently noticed my son has started stammering himself.