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  • noun

Synonyms for sturdiness

reliability in withstanding pressure, force, or stress

Words related to sturdiness

the state of being vigorous and robust

the property of something that is strongly built

Related Words

resoluteness evidenced by strength of character

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But if Bitcoin is to have any chance of success, its digital architecture is going to have to prove its sturdiness under increasingly difficult conditions.
Ramana Reddy, CMD Anu Furnitures added, "We see huge potential of these almirahs, which offer a combination of stylish looks, knockdown design and sturdiness.
Cho also attributes the maker's success to the carbon-fiber frame construction that achieves sturdiness and lighter weight.
The Black Sea draws its sturdiness from a vulcanised stainless steel case that's coated with matte rubber.
Given the sturdiness of the wagon it can not be young children who have carried out such vandalism.
Cycling, rowing, dressage, playing centre-forward for Chelsea - all require sturdiness of the butt and that's what we Brits specialize in after years of self-sacrifice at the X-Box.
Hence Munday's new model, which is based on the ScieMechs design but offers the ability to use any standard DIN objective from x5 to x100 and improves on the sturdiness of the design so that it will remain in position to filter as required even if it is knocked.
JK Dairies imported the Australian Friesian-Sahiwal, a breed that was created by the Australian state of Queensland in the 1960s by crossing the Sahiwal cow and the Friesian breed to produce a new cross-breed that combines the sturdiness of the Sahiwal with the lactation prowess of the Friesian.
The Glyndwer Red wine from the fleshy grape has a sturdiness that complements a mature cheese well.
The new Graffiti range and John Abraham perfectly reflect the brand values of style as well as sturdiness, which appeals to today's young work force"
This modification has been designed to improve the sturdiness of the suction inlet, improve the user friendliness of the hose connection and making the switching to 40mm or 50mm hoses and accessories easier.
uk The sturdiness of this picnic blanket stands out.
These high-end all-in-one machines can range from a hefty $6,500 to around $1,600, depending on size, sturdiness, and specific treadmill features.
In no way, have we compromised the sturdiness of the Masafi bottles.
Main features include: frame sturdiness (9 tons weight), potency (app.