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Synonyms for stupidly

in a stupid manner


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The man stopped and looked stupidly at the heap, and the shaft of a cab struck his shoulder and sent him reeling.
For moments or for minutes I wondered stupidly, dazed as I was.
He stood still stupidly while the boys ran round him, mimicking and laughing; they shouted to him to try and catch them; but he did not move.
Enter GrocerApp, an online Pakistani grocery shopping platform that aims to make buying your daily essentials stupidly easy and convenient.
2 POSH jeweller Tiffany has come up with fancy stocking fillers for stupidly rich clients including a ball of yarn made from sterling silver costing PS8,475.
When so many Israeli writers either stupidly stumbled into realityproducing mirthless works so heavy with bathos you could barely lift the page to turn itor, just as stupidly, ran away from it and pretended like they were careless creatures roaming the Mitte or the Marais, Castel-Bloom committed herself to the novelist's real task, namely the compassionate interrogation of human emotion.
A lady judge of the Crown Court, stupidly involved in an altercation with a criminal in the dock, repeated his use of both the C and F words.
Stupidly I bypassed her warning and sunk my teeth into a steaming slice.
She wanted settle down I stupidly I have to constantly do things for them on my days off, but I don't have the guts to say no.
The ignition keys had been left inside and in drink she stupidly decided to start it up and drive, her solicitor Phillip Marshall-Thomas explained.
I think the BBC has behaved badly and stupidly about this from everything I've heard about what's happened.
I have years and years of no claims but my premiums are still stupidly high - even with my discounts - pushed up by selfish people out to make a quick buck at other people's expense.
I'VE decided that this year I want to try out a new activity that's fun and a bit challenging but not stupidly so.
Tevez behaved stupidly in the way a player shouldn't, especially a great player.
FOR all of you who have aspirations of being famous and becoming stupidly rich, forget being aninternational pop sensation or movie star as the "new rockstar" seems to be the celebrity chef.