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Synonyms for stupefying

so surprisingly impressive as to stun or overwhelm

making physically stupid or dull or insensible

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shocking with surprise and consternation

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John stared round at the mass of faces--some grinning, some fierce, some lighted up by torches, some indistinct, some dusky and shadowy: some looking at him, some at his house, some at each other--and while he was, as he thought, in the very act of doing so, found himself, without any consciousness of having moved, in the bar; sitting down in an arm-chair, and watching the destruction of his property, as if it were some queer play or entertainment, of an astonishing and stupefying nature, but having no reference to himself--that he could make out--at all.
Though his simple but stupefying tricks frequently elicit responses like ``he's not natural'' or ``he's the Devil,'' Blaine is the first to insist that he is a magician, not a mystic or a guru.
Robbie witnessed a stupefying village ritual where they beat the hell out of each other for a barrel of beer.
Back in 1960, Philip Roth gave a speech in which he argued that American life was becoming so surreal, so stupefying, so maddening, that it had ceased to be a manageable subject for novelists.
This stupefying saga is silly, far-fetched and tedious.
Following a stupefying 25-lap "race-off" the winner was some Geordie bloke called Brian.
For this lucky line-up, stupefying Saturday sagas that stretch all the way to Christmas add up to bumper pay packets.
3 For God's sake just tell stupefying "super" model Sophie Anderton that Oirish tattoo graffiti victim Shane Lynch doesn't fancy her.
Only the peculiarly bureaucratic, unimaginative, interfering minds of stupefying banality that personify local officialdom could come up with such a scheme.
You could almost hear the crew egging on the braindead blonde as she spouted streams of stupefying verbal crap.
Another non-event in the tent as a stupefying storm in a biscuit barrel erupted after prison governor Paul wasn't named star baker.
The charge reads that he "intentionally administered a substance, namely Nitrazepam, to another person, knowing she did not consent and with the intention of stupefying or overpowering her so as to enable any person to engage in a sexual activity involving her".
Stupefying disasters in head-spinning spoof - the pilot's Over, the co-pilot Unger, the navigator Dunne.
These are two versions of the stupefying smart city: Masdar the more famous, or infamous; Songdo the more fascinating in a perverse way.
Austin homeowner Bud Johnson, 73, said that he removed the stupefying sight because of a misconception.