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Synonyms for stupefied

as if struck dumb with astonishment and surprise

in a state of mental numbness especially as resulting from shock

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I am confident that his sleep was stupefied and dreamless, and that he awoke next day merely to heaviness and moroseness, and that if he lives to-day he does not remember that night, so passing was it as an incident.
Still stupefied by the drug that I had taken, I could lazily wonder what had happened, and I could do no more.
Bazin was stupefied at the sight of the gold, and forgot that he came to announce D'Artagnan, who, curious to know who the mendicant could be, came to Aramis on leaving Athos.
But the general only stood stupefied and gazed around in a dazed way.
"While I stood stupefied with horror by this ghastly spectacle and still holding open the door, by some unaccountable perversity my attention was diverted from the shocking scene and concerned itself with trifles and details.
And there she stood gazing, in a sort of stupefied fascination, till we turned a corner of the wood and were lost to her view.
"King's attorney?" said the president, stupefied, and without noticing the agitation which spread over the face of M.
The judges themselves appeared to be stupefied, and the jury manifested tokens of disgust for cynicism so unexpected in a man of fashion.
"Victor," she murmured, "do not look so stupefied. Did you not believe that I would risk at least a little for you, who have risked so much for me?
In another moment she had been driven away, and I sat as one stupefied in the inn window.
Reports added that some visiting business people were so stupefied on seeing the terrifying visage that one called out, 'My heart just stopped beating!'
Cardiff were struck dumb, the United supporters were stupefied. This football was alien to them throughout the year and Solskjaer's style was utopia.
Sam Ashley, 30, spiked his victims' drinks or stupefied the men with a combination of date-rape drug GHB, sleeping pills and sedatives, then attacked them.
A viral photo of a kitten camouflaged in a pile of logs has 'stupefied' social media users.
"He had to get her completely stupefied before he could get his way and he knew exactly what he was doing."