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Synonyms for stupefaction

Synonyms for stupefaction

Synonyms for stupefaction

a feeling of stupefied astonishment

marginal consciousness

the action of stupefying

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Goebbells also gave a notice of the storm that would blow his team away: 'If the day should ever come when we must go, if some day we are compelled to leave the scene of history, we will slam the door so hard that the universe will shake and mankind will stand back in stupefaction.'
The lips that breathed fire now curled upward stupefaction. Captain Munnerlyn Youth Jersey is under contract, but that's about it.
Within minutes I felt her tug on my arm again, this time to my stupefaction she offered me a banana.
Things like walls needing to reach as far as the ground, doors and windows being built in openings - and a roof which drained water away from the building, either via guttering or overhang - so forgive my stupefaction at the number of buildings being built with the roof in the form of a 'V' sloping inward to a central draining gutter.
ASMR aficionados, or "tingleheads," use headphones to heighten the sonic effect, and watch or listen for any number of reasons: because the videos are relaxing, because they help induce sleep, because they are transfixing, because they promote a kind of mesmerized stupefaction in which before you know it you have watched someone flip through the pages of a blank journal for two hours.
Each side, on occasion, views the other with stupefaction. A U.S.
Barely able to contain my awe, as a way to process my stupefaction, I started loosely mapping the ground with my iPhone.
He added: "in less than two weeks, terrorists have struck in Beirut, Paris, Bamako and Tunis again, each time causing pain and stupefaction.
The mayor's wife joins this tableau vivant of allegedly "free" women with no voice and no vision of their own gazing in disbelief, stupefaction, incomprehension, and grudging admiration at Tahirih, their prisoner, who shocked her countrymen with her "naked face" and fearless words.
It just needed to be a shape that didn't have people slackjawed in stupefaction. Tidy the styling, polish the interior a little and you'd have a vehicle that had a huge amount going for it.
Jaguar's F-PACE shows promise but if you want to have your neighbours dropping their marmalade in slack-jawed stupefaction in the morning, the Lexus NX200t is your weapon of choice.
The fourth method consists in selecting from all the men who have been stupefied and enslaved by the three former methods a certain number, exposing them to special and intensified means of stupefaction and brutalization, and so making them into a passive instrument for carrying out all the cruelties and brutalities needed by the government....
And the Congress party, always on the back foot, weighed down by corruption and a somnolent term in office, is compelled to rouse itself from its self created stupefaction, to yet again defend the indefensible.
At the risk of appearing cynical, one might suspect that the dissolution of reading and writing skills and stupefaction of the curriculum in the contemporary university does not trouble much of the faculty because it is favorable to their progressive politics.
La direction d'Ettounissiya TV a exprime, dans un communique rendu public ce lundi, sa stupefaction des changements introduits par le producteur et ex-presentateur de l'emission Ettassi Sport, Moez Ben Gharbia, proprietaire de la boite de production (VProd), sans en avoir ete informee par ce dernier.