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The subject of the public contract construction work to the public contract "Sewerage and sewage treatment plant in the township Beharovice and its local areas Rati ovice and Stupe ice" to the extent and in accordance with its terms.
Ali, ona se nada, da ce se Srpkinje iduci put obilnije odazvati, jer i one trebaju kao kceri tako junackog naroda da stupe u redove kulturnih boraca zenskih interesa, da tako budu dostojne svojih viteakih muzeva.
I Could yell "Listen stupe! You do that again you'll Get socked for a loop!" "Chins up, ya baboons!" was My cry through the day, But drilling the dames, Well, it ain't the same way!
Contract notice: Sewerage and sewage treatment plant in the township beharovice and its local parts rati ovice and stupe ice.
"What about if there's a Big Gal instead of a Big Guy in the Sky who sent any stupe t'Hell who believed in the Big Guy?" Slim said gleefully.