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a dome-shaped shrine erected by Buddhists


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This close historical connection between the growth of stupa worship and the laity, coupled with the primacy of the oral tradition in India, means that there are actually very good grounds for supposing that the conventions governing the symbolism of stupas would have been widely understood in the ancient Indian Buddhist community, notwithstanding the level of literacy.
The path leading to the stupa has been blocked for nearly 10 years after the private developer purchased land near the site and constructed a boundary wall.
All these sculptures are part of a long chamber to the west of the main stupa facing towards east.
The double-headed eagle stupa at Sirkap has crumbled in the rain.
Local Sufi folk beliefs had given them an Islamic character by transforming them from engravings of stupas to places where wandering Sufi saints had encountered and subdued local demons.
Tope Kelan stupa is situated to the west of the present village of Hadda.
Instead, she poses new questions: how do the recurrent depictions of stupas on Amaravati stupa function?
Swayambhunath Stupa is a well-known Buddhist shrine located in Kathmandu, whereas Bodhgaya in India is a place of pilgrimage where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment.
The Sri Lankan prime minister and approximately 9 million people visited to the artifacts.Dharmarajika Stupa was also declared a World Heritage Site.
Yet what did we know about stupas? Maybe we needed the kind of tour provided by professionals after all.
The stupa for the dead nun was not religiously appropriate.
He went on to build an "ice stupa" - a cone of ice that Wangchuk named after the Buddhist traditional mound-like shrines that are found throughout Asia. 
BELOW LEFT: The Boudhanath Stupa is a Unesco Heritage site.
At almost same distance of two kilometres from Giri and Sadu da Bagh, there is a Bhuddist stupa measuring 10.15 by 26 metres, which has been excavated recently by the Department of Federal Archaeology.
The sacred relics include two holy bone relics of Lord Buddha, a golden casket containing the relics and a stone reliquary in stupa shape.