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Synonyms for stuntedness

smallness of stature

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On Sunday, county first lady Rozella Rasanga launched an initiate the combat stuntedness. Dubbed 'Smart Start Siaya,' the initiative aims at sensitising residents on proper nutrition and responsive caregiving.
Her autobiographical and unfeminine young girls Mick Kelly (in The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter) and Frankie Addams (in The Member of the Wedding) challenge the prevailing norms and point towards new energies and possibilities for a culture that has always insisted on the stuntedness and submissiveness of the belle and the lady.
(1) Although some of these associations were apparent in standard regression analyses, they were especially evident and particularly robust in analyses that took into account unmeasured familial factors; in the latter models, mistimed pregnancies, unwanted pregnancies or both were positively associated with deliveries without a skilled attendant (odds ratio, 1.3), incomplete early childhood immunization (1.4-12), child stuntedness (1.3), and neonatal, postneonatal and early childhood mortality (1.8-5.9).
He acknowledges that the 'stuntedness and deformity' (1992:98) produced by apartheid had probably marred his own writing as it had South African literature in general.
Indeed, the opening passages contain some rather too obvious signifiers of Adam's emotional stuntedness: a shot of him staring unfeelingly into his dad's open grave; a freezer stacked with nothing but macaroni-and-cheese TV dinners; a routine that sends him back and forth between his tidy flat and his job as an electronic engineer.