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Synonyms for stunted

Synonyms for stunted

inferior in size or quality

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'Food for Thought', a report by Save the Children published in 2013, showed that compared with normal children, stunted children: Score seven per cent lower on math tests; are 19 per cent less likely to be able to read a simple sentence at age eight, and 12 per cent less likely able to write a simple sentence; and, are 13 per cent less likely to be able to be in the appropriate grade for their age at school.
They said stunted children have seven month delay in starting school while they have low intelligence quotient and more likely to repeat a grade of school.
In short, a child stunted at age 5 is damaged for life, and condemned to lower cognitive skills and physical ability.
They said that stunted children have seven month delay in starting school while they have low IQ and more likely to repeat a grade of school.
An alarming 38 per cent of children in Pakistan today are stunted. A recent World Bank research has brought to light important yet undiscussed aspects underlying the problem of stunting.
CISLAC disclosed this statistical information in a paper presented by its Programme Officer, Muhammed Murtala at an Executive/Legislative/CSOs/Media Roundtable conference held in Bauchi, revealing that 12 million children have so far been discovered stunted in 2018, thus ranking the country 2nd after India on a number of stunted children globally.
Of all participants, 117(38.5%) children were found to be stunted, 58(19.1%) were wasted and 101(33.2%) were underweight.
Obesity and malnutrition are often thought of as problems at opposite ends of the nutrition spectrum, but the study found that 6.7% of Egyptian mothers were obese and had stunted children.
A new UN study has found that more than half of all Yemeni children suffer from stunted growth.
In unadjusted analyses, severely stunted children had significantly lower IQ scores than mild-moderately stunted children.
Either the Strong Safety ($) or Sam (S) can be stunted into either A gap, with either FS, ST, or W covering up.
The recently completed National Nutrition Survey 2018 reveals that overall four out of 10 children under the five years of age in Pakistan are stunted.
KARACHI -- Health experts Sunday said that over 44 percent children under five years are stunted in Pakistan due to chronic malnutrition.
ACCORDING to a recent Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey, every third child under the age of five in Punjab suffers from stunted growth.
ISLAMABAD -- More than 9.6 million Pakistani children have experienced chronic nutrition deprivation in early childhood as over 44 percent children under five year are stunted in the country.