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a stand-in for movie stars to perform dangerous stunts

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She wanted people in the industry to see her as not only a stunt woman but a working actress, who is also fluent in not only Spanish but German.
A glittering career beckons as a movie stunt woman.
THE devastated daughter of a pilot and his stunt woman wife who died when their plane crashed has paid tribute to them saying she "couldn't have wished for more loving and kind parents".
I used to want to be a stunt woman when I was younger, it was only much later that I started thinking about a career in the arts.
The cannonball is one of the show's main attractions where a stunt woman climbs up into a shoot before being blasted out into the sky and landing on a net below.
She's thrown herself into the challenges, working hard to pull off her appearance as a glamorous Paris showgirl and even setting herself on fire while training to be a Hollywood stunt woman.
But best of all was her time as a stunt woman, during which she got to do all the action moves she's always dreamed of doing.
They were attached to their waists as they jumped as high as possible in the 24-by-26 foot gym behind the Van Nuys home of the husband-wife team Jack and Jeri Kalvan, a professional juggler and a stunt woman.
Our first special auto section ("Women + Wheels" starts on page 54) is packed with tough chicks, too, including race car drivers, a monster truck competitor and even an ex-cop turned stunt woman.
This low impact cardio workout by a Hollywood stunt woman comes from a woman in her late 60s who stunt doubles for stars young enough to be her children, so the insights are particularly revealing.
One of the best things about 50 Over 50 is the diversity of its subjects - from mega-achievers like Dr Kathryn Sullivan, the first American woman to walk in space, to Georgia Durante - ex-Mafia wife and stunt woman - and Elizabeth Schofield who learned to read and write aged 76.
Top salsa dance teachers and performers included personalities such as Edie the Salsa Freak; Johnny Vazquez, the world's greatest exponent of speed salsa; Cuban cousins Raphael and Janet, current Salsa World Champions; NY stunt woman and Latin hustle expert Stracy Diaz and from the UK, Super Mario, "The Million Moves Man.
But for April Weeden, a Los Angeles-based stunt woman, they're resume builders.
Marty Murray, who met his stunt woman wife, Kori, when they were both working in a live stunt show in Chicago, was recently injured by a bucking bronco while working on a commercial.
Supergirl" stunt woman Jessie Graff made history on the special episode of "American Ninja Warrior: USA vs.