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a stand-in for movie stars to perform dangerous stunts

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Despite this, I actively participated in other events - in Kyz Kuumai and in competitions of stuntmen," says the stunt woman.
The gasps turned to laughs when the audience realized that she was really a stunt woman. "Chaplin himself was a performer known for classic moments of surprise, and our Britannia honorees over the years have certainly channeled that same spirit onstage," Wiseman says.
She began, like her brothers, working in the family business but while they went onto open their own restaurants, she realised it wasn't for her and 12 years ago she headed to Hong Kong with the aim of becoming a stunt woman.
According to an insider, Cullington was a 75-years-old stunt woman, who was specially hired by Cohen.
So, they are the most important thing for you to watch out for," she said, citing the differences between being a stunt woman and an actress.
A STUNT woman sits on a plane a split second before it nosedives and bursts into flames - killing her and the pilot in a crash seen by thousands.
A glittering career beckons as a movie stunt woman.
THE devastated daughter of a pilot and his stunt woman wife who died when their plane crashed has paid tribute to them saying she "couldn't have wished for more loving and kind parents".
I used to want to be a stunt woman when I was younger, it was only much later that I started thinking about a career in the arts.
The cannonball is one of the show's main attractions where a stunt woman climbs up into a shoot before being blasted out into the sky and landing on a net below.
She's thrown herself into the challenges, working hard to pull off her appearance as a glamorous Paris showgirl and even setting herself on fire while training to be a Hollywood stunt woman. She doesn't deserve the cruel comments that she's lacking in any talent.
But best of all was her time as a stunt woman, during which she got to do all the action moves she's always dreamed of doing.
Our first special auto section ("Women + Wheels" starts on page 54) is packed with tough chicks, too, including race car drivers, a monster truck competitor and even an ex-cop turned stunt woman. There's also Melissa Plaut--one of only 400 women cabbies in a plethora of over 40,000 male drivers.
This low impact cardio workout by a Hollywood stunt woman comes from a woman in her late 60s who stunt doubles for stars young enough to be her children, so the insights are particularly revealing.
One of the best things about 50 Over 50 is the diversity of its subjects - from mega-achievers like Dr Kathryn Sullivan, the first American woman to walk in space, to Georgia Durante - ex-Mafia wife and stunt woman - and Elizabeth Schofield who learned to read and write aged 76.