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a pilot who travels around the country giving exhibits of stunt flying and parachuting

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He may have thought of his days as a stunt pilot, when he had been the daring man in the cockpit, the one everyone said "laughed at death." At forty-eight, the Old Man wished he were "ten years younger and crouched in a cockpit instead of a dugout, tasting the stale rubber of an oxygen mask and peering ahead into limitless space through the cherry-red rings of a gunsight."
This happened whilst Chad Berber, an American stunt pilot, executed a series of complicated aerial stunts in Coral Springs, Florida.
"When I first started imagining who I needed to consult and speak to about wind I thought of course I needed to find a stunt pilot," he says.
The stunt pilot tweeted earlier yesterday: "Gutted to say I won't be making it up to Hoylake today.
Mr Hill also works as an aerobatic stunt pilot as part of flying duo the RV8tors, which perform close-formation aerobatic displays at speeds of up to 230mph.
Luke Russell, Wakefield, West Yorks WHAT an absolute tragedy that stunt pilot Kevin Whyman lost his life in an air display at last weekend's CarFest show.
Stunt pilot Kevin was married and had a young daughter.
Meanwhile, he excelled as a stunt pilot at air shows and worked with Sikorsky on his seaplane development.
And he was taken for a hairraising flight by German stunt pilot Ernst Udet, who advised him to take flying lessons and learn German.
She was the youngest pilot in the United States to fly solo in September 1929 and she later performed as a stunt pilot before giving up the controls to begin her family and rear three children.
ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: A stunt pilot and one other person were killed today after a helicopter collided with a high-rise crane in central London and plunged more than 700 feet to the busy streets below.
In 2007, veteran stunt pilot Jim LeRoy was killed at the Dayton show when his biplane slammed into the runway while performing loop-to-loops and caught fire.
Vienna, Jumada II 21, 1434, May 1, 2013, SPA -- A stunt pilot died Wednesday in Austria when his small jet crashed en route to a performance for Austrian energy drinks maker Red Bull, dpa cited police as saying.
Stunt pilot Mr Barnes, who piloted helicopters for films such as Die Another Day, was alone in the aircraft amid thick cloud when it clipped the crane.