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a maneuverable kite controlled by two lines and flown with both hands


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As a stunt kite, the delta is fast and responsive, making it the most popular shape.
It was one of 30 balloons launched at the event, which also included game and food booths, a super slide, stunt kite flyers, face painting and a petting zoo.
The children haven't been put off going outside, the wind has been perfect for flying their stunt kite and they have excellent waterproof coats and leggings - no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothes.
I know it's only January but as one of life's great procrastinators if I don't plan now I'll end up next Christmas Day elbow deep retrieving a stunt kite, rollerskate and rat poison from the back of some other kitchen cupboard.
DAD will be blown away with a double-handed stunt kite, pounds 9.50, from Marks & Spencer.
A stunt kite like that can do all kinds of tricks in the air.
Meanwhile, the sixth two-day Kites over the Mersey festival took place on Wirral, with the Princess of the Balinese Royal family flying traditional Bali and Indonesian kites, along with stunt kite flying, giant show kites and art kites.
They will also receive a framed photograph of their turbine, a certificate, a stunt kite and a goody bag.
The two-day (May 1- 2) airborne fest will create an aerial wonderland over Weymouth beach featuring 50-metre sky sculptures, musical stunt kite displays and kite-powered buggy racing.
Soaraway Chris Grimes was lifted 25 feet into the air and ended up in a different town after his unscheduled flight underneath his 10ft by 4ft stunt kite.
The time was around 2.40pm, and David was flying his cherished Peter Powell Stunt Kite high over Castle Hill as Melody played with her skipping rope.
HEAD for the hills and show 'em how it's done with your old 1970s Peter Powell stunt kite, or just watch paragliders on the Sussex Downs.
there's free, fully-supervised quad biking, climbing, abseiling, trampolining, snorkelling, fencing and stunt kite flying (not all activities are available at all centres).
But only one was spotted by a 3pm spy grappling with a stunt kite on glamorous Ainsdale Beach, Southport.
For over-eights there's free and fully-supervised quad biking, climbing, abseiling, trampolining, zip wires, snorkelling, fencing and stunt kite flying.