stunt flying

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the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft

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Battling the urban jungle in one is like using an Airbus 380 for stunt flying.
That narrow miss with death, and other close misses trying to steer a parachute between Ferris wheels and other carnival hazards, began to take the glamour out of the stunt flying business.
If you've ever seen the erratic, stunt flying a skilled radio controller can perform, you'll appreciate how difficult this shoot can be.
Top of the bill were the Red Arrows, nine RAF Hawk trainer jets, arguably the finest formation and stunt flying team in the world.
Attractions include hot air balloon and helicopter rides, aerobatic and stunt flying demonstrations.
Mr Hucks was Britain's finest aviator and his stunt flying, even in these early days of aviation, was becoming legendary.
For aerobatic pilots, the thrill of performing for cheering crowds makes the physical strain of stunt flying worth it.
He'll fearlessly immworld of drag aerobat he'll He'll fearlessly immerse himself into the world of drag car racing and aerobatic stunt flying, and he'll also attempt to break Sir Malcolm Campbell's 'Flying Mile' record, set way back in 1927.
But she raises her eyes when she's asked if her enthusiasm for stunt flying has got anything to do with her new boyfriend, former Red Arrows Squadron Leader Graham Duff, 37.
He also flew his own Stearman biplane with which he did stunt flying that earned him the name "Chazz One Time", because he would try anything once
As well as stunt flying, giant show kites and art kites, the festival will offer the opportunity for children to participate in kite workshops as well as enter their teddy bear into the ever popular Teddy Drop.