stunt flier

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a pilot who travels around the country giving exhibits of stunt flying and parachuting

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Springfield physician and stunt flier Kathy Hirtz is back in the cockpit again after she was nearly killed in a glider crash near Goshen in May.
I must admit I was a little apprehensive when I boarded the small helicopter in Compton, but we were in the safe hands of chief pilot Robin Petgrave - a Hollywood-film stunt flier. He flew in John Travolta's film Broken Arrow and is president of Celebrity Helicopters tours, a job he clearly loves.
Stunt fliers show their love for Southport at the town's air show last summer Picture: ANDREW TEEBAY
Stalls, live music and fairground rides kept the crowds entertained throughout the day before the main attractions of fighter pilots, parachutists and stunt fliers Among them were the Breitling Wingwalkers, the world's only formation wing-walking display team, who performed a breathtaking sequence of formation loops and rolls.
Highlights of this year's kite festival include stunt fliers Karl and James Robertshaw, Graham Lockwood and Flying Colours, and special guest Robert Valkenburgh with his "wind gallery".