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a weapon designed to disable a victim temporarily by delivering a nonlethal high-voltage electric shock

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Kavanagh told arresting officers how the stun gun had been bought by one of his sons during a school trip, and that he had later confiscated it.
Chwastek, of Caiesdykes Drive, Aberdeen, pled guilty to importing a stun gun with intent to avoid prohibition or restriction.
Pictures show the terrifying stun gun as well as thin, clear bags filled with a white substance.
Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard the pink stun gun was discovered stashed on top of a kitchen unit.
The original charge of possessing a stun gun which was disguised as a torch carried a minimum five-year sentence.
Hunting said the shopkeeper who sold him the stun gun in Turkey had "demonstrated" it on him and it only caused "a minor sensation when held against his skin".
Craig Patterson, 30, had stashed the illegal stun gun in a safe in his bedroom as well as planking the .22 calibre air gun in another room.
"Christopher Harvey fired or activated the stun gun," said Mr Hadfield.
But police also found the Kelin K95 stun gun - a device disguised to resemble a mobile phone.
AHOLIDAYMAKER was caught with dozens of weapons including knuckle dusters, stun guns, and a set of nunchucks in his luggage at Cardiff Airport.
A MAN found to be in possession of a stun gun has been jailed for four and a half years after he was described in court as a persistent drug dealer.
A Eugene man is accused of assaulting his parents, including using a stun gun on his 69-year-old father, at his parents' house near Skyline Park.
It is not illegal to buy the weapons in many other countries but possession of a stun gun can carry a jail sentence in the UK.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Hispanics shot with stun guns by police in Connecticut in 2015 were more likely to be fired upon multiple times than other racial groups, according to an analysis released Thursday of the first statewide data of police stun gun use in the United States.
In 2015, a 26-year-old man was arrested by West Midlands Police after he was spotted with a powerful stun gun disguised as an iPhone in a Coventry park.