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inhabits streams from South Carolina to Florida

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Today's bets Gurtnacrehy Puma Poole 6.55 1pt 7-2 bet365, Hills Stumpknocker Poole 8.19 1pt 11-4 bet365, Hills Shlowdown Sally Towcester 8.45 1pt 9-2 Ladbrokes Bestinthewest Towcester 9.02 1pt 7-2 general
"I prefer a warmouth, then a stumpknocker or redear sunfish.
Bluegills, shellcrackers, stumpknockers, redbreasts and warmouth are also included in this group.
But the river is navigable by paddle craft, and holds the fish the Econ is known for-largemouth bass, redbellies (redbreast sunfish), and stumpknockers (spotted sunfish).
Stumpknockers, bluegills, shellcracker and their ilk are chased year-round by freshwater anglers.
The largemouth bass is in a large North American family, Centrarchidae, with 31 species that includes all the sunfishes (freshwater pan-fish), such as bluegill, redears (shellcrackers) and spotted sunfish (stumpknockers).