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Synonyms for stumbler

a walker or runner who trips and almost falls


someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence

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Table 1: Analysis of WiFi Honeypot/Fake AP discovery tools Softwarename Vendor Aim [1] Net Stumbler www.
We use the Moses prayer in our leader-ship development where Moses is saying, "Go and get somebody else; I'm no good; I'm a stumbler," but the Lord answers, "No, you're the one with an your imperfections.
As a long time Stumbler I am thrilled that Funny or Die is joining StumbleUpon's Partner Program," says Dick Glover, CEO of Funny or Die and the Or Die Networks.
I'm not saying it looked suspicious but it was the only time the stuttering stumbler failed to swear during the show.
During his 895 days in office, Ford would become the target of two would-be assassins -- and one merciless comedian, in the form of Saturday Night Live's Chevy Chase, who lampooned the president as a stumbler and a bumbler.
If a stumbler reviews your webpage or recommends a particularly interesting or relevant site, you can now be instantly alerted via a customized RSS feed.
The effect is spooky, hypnotic, and occasionally comic: Inci's Stumblers, in which a mob trips en masse, looks like the climax of a Buster Keaton film.
The Patriots are 6 for 12, their 50 percent success rate tied for 16th in the league with noted offensive stumblers and bumblers Arizona, Oakland and Tampa Bay.