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Synonyms for stumblebum

a second-rate prize fighter


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an awkward stupid person

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(2) Hilton Kramer, 'A Mandarin Pretending to be a Stumblebum', The New York Times, 25 October 1970, section B, p.
Stepping into Sellers' stumblebum shoes, he delivers the sort of focused, funny performance we haven't seen from him in some time.
But then, with many nervous soldiers looking on, the stumblebum leader clenched two fistfuls of sand, defiantly raised his arms, and shouted, "God be praised!
And having played the first two rounds with Tiger at Baltusrol and outscored him each time, Cambo must now truly believe he is one of the elite instead of some stumblebum who was once on the verge of quitting the game.
Pilager is a malleable stumblebum who's never met a sentence he can't mangle.
To use a distinction framed by Hilton Kramer in deprecating Philip Guston, it is far easier for a mandarin to become a stumblebum than the other way around.
Lennox, don't risk losing your reputation and ending up as a stumblebum has-been in the eyes of the English public.
Can you imagine Winston Churchill telling Hitler not to trifle with a dull stumblebum like Winnie?
But for all the hype and hope that's been invested in Richard Riordan, the former Los Angeles mayor who's trying to eke out a victory in the March 5 Republican gubernatorial primary, his stumblebum campaign has revealed a candidate who has trouble defining himself, let alone redefining Republicanism.
You don't just go out and stumblebum around in the world, collecting in a willy-nilly way a bunch of details that is somehow going to enthrall and illuminate things for readers.
that anyone become a blithering stumblebum, but is pointing out that too often, status quo behavior just doesn't get the job that needs doing done: "Any time you try to solve a problem or improve a process without attacking the root cause, you are wasting time and money.
It is to his credit that Gaines, who has been exposed to the high-octane dance skills of the rest of the cast since rehearsals started, has managed to rein in his own burgeoning dance proficiency to remain a convincing stumblebum in a room full of swinging experts.
Finally, however, when the agency's stumblebum reputation grew so bad as actually to threaten its multibillion-dollar budget, FEMA decided it had better pay more attention to its cover mission.
A papal visit to Elisa's back-alley clinic introduces a batch of didactic social commentary and a pair of stumblebum druglord hoods.
Looking like the girl most likely to become a kinky school librarian, she hurls herself through the movie's gauntlet of humiliating physical comedy with stumblebum aplomb, whether trying to save face after an awkward bathing-suit malfunction or sporting a quite literal shit-eating grin.