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Synonyms for stuffiness

state of obstruction or stoppage or air in the nose or throat

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the quality of being close and poorly ventilated


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dull and pompous gravity

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Far from being a chore, spring cleaning is a celebration, a chance to chase away the stuffiness of your home and bring a fresh, revitalising feeling into your house.
But this is not to condone the stuffiness of the Church, specially the blue-rinsed brigade that makes up the House of Laity, which torpedoed the women bishops vote.
Prior to treatment, these children have "significant nasal stuffiness, and no matter how hard they blow their nose, nothing comes out," Dr.
The study may be suitable for those who are aged 18 to 80 years old and have just started to suffer with nasal stuffiness.
One virtual, in which they are in Alaska for part of the second and the real world, in which they see despair, no perspective, stuffiness, primitivism and anguish.
Prolonged use (longer than three to five days) of topical decongestants can lead to rebound swelling of the nasal membranes, and nasal stuffiness.
He said: "The great thing about Southport is there is no stuffiness.
Maybe I'm being too quick to presume stuffiness on the part of the tennis authorities, but I've got a feeling the All England Club will take a grim view of this one.
People sometimes get a little bit uncomfortable with the stuffiness of fine dining.
This racy new way of presenting opera takes all of the stuffiness out and brings ticket prices to manageable levels.
He set up our photo opportunities, made sure our declarations were spelled correctly, while all the time, treating an intern's heartburn, a Page's sprained ankle, a photographer's stuffiness, and doing the daily BP and weight check for a Capital employee.
Because nasal congestion is one of the most common symptoms of colds and allergies, a growing number of people are turning to these products to help ease stuffiness.
An ENT doctor had recommended the procedure called a bilateral turbinectomy to relieve the chronic stuffiness the young man had been experiencing as a result of allergies and sinus infections.
When they return to his family's country estate, she confronts a way of life that horrifies her in its stuffiness and self aggrandisement.
We suggest that the term subclinical cochlear hydrops be used to describe patients presenting with aural fullness, stuffiness, or ear pressure when all other diagnoses have been excluded.