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in a stuffy manner


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If any readers are unconvinced, watch me place a sign above our asparagus saying 'Picked at 7 this morning by George Morrell in Knaresborough' and see the stuffily out of the door.
Tony - few people stuffily called him 'Sir Anthony' - inspired respect and won friends easily.
Though the gallery describes the seven images--all large, beautifully produced chromogenic prints executed in 2005--as White's "first extended exploration of portraiture," only two of the images, both disarmingly straightforward, would really seem to qualify as portraits: Jody is a close-cropped bust of an androgynous preteen girl; Granddaughter, a full-length shot of a nude young woman in a stuffily handsome drawing room.
You're at a wine reception and someone nearby takes a sip of Cabernet and stuffily declares the wine "over oaked.
Bazzoni, stuffily informing 'the juvenile portion of the female Nobility, Gentry and Public' that he has produced the first speaking doll.
Unfortunately Stewart Stevenson failed to see the mischief when he stuffily tabled an amendment regretting Tommy's reference to the managers' ethnic origins.
If your average readers are so stuffily starch-shirted they can't see the joke then it's high time they climbed into a cabinet, closed the doors, and threw away the key
Wide-eyed scion of a stuffily pre-Castro, repressively withdrawn family--its isolationist laws laid down by steely grandmother Eugenia (Veronica Lynn)--young Hernan Abascal (Liberto Rabal) lets his imagination fly only in erotic fiction he pens pseudonymously.
shown into a stuffily over-decorated one in the home of a woman named
Aside from the occasional decent 'little movie' (Billy Elliott, for instance), the two best British films of the past decade have been adaptations of literary classics (Sense and Sensibility, The Wings of the Dove), which, while transcending a genre stuffily associated with Merchant/Ivory and the anti-creative chimera of 'fidelity', can scarcely be claimed to break new ground and are scarcely likely to pave the road to a re-energized cinema.
It's a pretty flimsy premise - Jordan Better (Pollak) doesn't get the big promotion he expected at his stuffily prestigious corporate firm, so he quits in a huff and signs up with wife Julie's (Nancy Travis) teeny crusading law office.
editor, Dave Wise, thought Frankel was more suited to be Columbia's Times correspondent and took the Herald Tribune position for himself: "Dave had already cast me as the more Timesian by temperament, a judgment that I stuffily took to be a compliment.
It struck me as a large, indifferently written, stuffily edited provincial paper.
This editorial apparatus--erudite but not stuffily academic--provides an effective means of entry into the complexities of Welsh literature.