stuffed tomato

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tomato cases filled with various salad mixtures and served cold

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tomato cases filled with various mixtures and baked briefly

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Stories that help round out Guideposts August issue include: how America's 2007 Soldier of the Year, Scotty Smiley, faced his biggest battle after returning home; a struggling young artist's trip to India that helped change thousands of lives; what Shawn Johnson's mother learned about raising an Olympic gymnast; an older woman and younger man talk about making their marriage work; how an adopted Lab helped a boy with a speech disorder learn to talk; the secret behind one family's plentiful (and safe) crop of tomatoes; there's even a great baked stuffed tomato recipe, too; and much more.
It was a photo not unlike the one alongside this recipe, a beautifully plump, deeply-roasted stuffed tomato.
Mix all the remaining stuffed tomato ingredients, except the cheese, together in a bowl until well combined.
Lamb shank is braised with honey and rosemary and served with celeriac puree, roast stuffed tomato and parmentier potato.
You may be intrigued, as I was one time, by one sushi item on Taka's list called a stuffed tomato ($6.
This stuffed tomato dish could certainly be filled with fresh poached chilled salmon mayo particularly suited to the gourmets averse to stooping to tinned tuna.
95) was also a success - a selection of stuffed tomato, pepper, mushroom and courgette, each vegetable with its own individual stuffing.