stuffed cabbage

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parboiled head of cabbage scooped out and filled with a hash of chopped e.g. beef or ham and baked

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When I was a child, every family holiday featured the usual turkey, ham, or roast beef and--the real star of the table--a big tureen of stuffed cabbage, prepared by my Polish grandmother.
Rizk prepared stuffed cabbage and fattoush for the Spanish UNIFIL troops and said that the course inspired her to pursue more Spanish cooking.
Appetizer and a la carte choices include a cup or bowl of chicken soup with Matzo balls, roast brisket, stuffed cabbage, noodle kugel, or a blintz with sour cream and preserves.
Romanians traditionally serve stuffed cabbage on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
The fare is served on the fall holiday of Suk-kot to symbolize a bountiful harvest, and is a particular favorite on Simchat Torah because two small stuffed cabbage rolls placed side by side resemble Torah scrolls.
Included are vegetarian, white and cold borschts, cabbage soup, potato, cheese, spinach and cheese, arugula and goat cheese and sweet potato pierogis, stuffed cabbage, cheese blintzes, beet salad, beef stroganoff and poppy seed cake along with a special Christmas Eve chapter.
8-21: Jill Syme"s stuffed cabbage and Lila Lazarus" quinoa with roasted vegetables.
A quick and healthy dish is stuffed cabbage made with ground pork or turkey.
The most popular dish is the breaded pork chops served with fried cabbage but the meaty bigos stew and stuffed cabbage parcels also sell well.
He's an Ivy League grad, the CEO of Southwire (a leading North American manufacturer of wire and cable products), and a connoisseur of my wife's stuffed cabbage.
Rival supermarket chain Sains-bury's launched a similar pilot of traditional Polish products such as stuffed cabbage, cassis sauce and marinated plums.
The beans company has launched ready meals such as pork and beef goulash and stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce.
Traditional recipes such as pork and beef goulash and stuffed cabbage in tomato sauce will enable Britain's growing Polish community to enjoy familiar tastes and flavours.
A similar public disguise was given to a classic Jewish recipe for stuffed cabbage included in a Soviet cookbook of 1973.