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a period of time during the school day that is set aside for study

a classroom reserved for study

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That was his law, so sitting in Study Hall because the guns rattled on the wooden desks wasn't too serious
The study hall contract, part of the residence life plan, clearly stated the rules and regulations of attendance, participation and expectations for academic success.
The self-paced study hall incorporated a learning theory based on the idea that an optimal learning environment for an adult requires learner involvement and ownership (Wlodkowski, 190-193).
Elon hugged him and asked him to accompany him to the study hall.
Construction of a pharmacy, also equipping of a warehouse & a study hall within the premises of the Faculty for Pharmacology.
One of the interior design challenges was bringing natural light to the Beit Midrash study hall located on the lower level.
The study took place in a high school study hall specifically for students with disabilities.
For example, kids in the self-taught group spent time in study hall every week for the first 3 months of the investigation, reading a self-help, weight-management textbook for youngsters.
The agency has also furnished the society's waiting room and study hall.
A high-ceilinged atrium with chandeliers, a glass-walled fitness center and a restaurant turned into a study hall provide evidence of its past incarnations as a hotel.
The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of a guided study hall on homework completion.
A one-minute video showing graphic and bloody footage of the Jerusalem yeshiva's study hall had more than 5,300 viewings and 88 responses as of Wednesday night (http://www.
The surge in support reflects the loyalty of the customers the shop has attracted over the years from students and faculty at nearby institutions like MIT and Harvard, many of whom use the shop as a second office or study hall.
Hotmath is a math homework portal that also offers an instant messaging feature that enables students to work together on math problems in a virtual study hall.
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