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a building on a college campus dedicated to social and organizational activities of the student body

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The student union Secretary Mohammad Fahad has written to the AMU administration regarding the issue with inviting the President, and warned that "no 'sanghi' (RSS member) politician would be allowed to enter the university premises and the students would stage a protest" if this happens.
Both student union presidents explained in online posts that they refused to attend the iftar event because of their opposition to Al-Sisi's regime, which they believe targets youth and students in security raids.
Articles written by Namazie indicated she was "highly inflammatory" and "could incite hatred on campus," the student union concluded.
That led us to create a virtual student union for our online students.
The memory is ingrained on hands and buttocks - from the school, not the student union.
Jacqui Clements, chief executive of the Student Union gave an introductory talk to the students before they were split into two groups for workshops run by Erin Davies, education oC/cer and Gerard Henry, student activities manager.
Worcester State University's black student union reflected the change as early as the 1970s, when the organization switched its name to Third World Alliance in recognition of the range of students working together.
In a move dubbed "the first of its kind in the UK" Liverpool John Moores University's student union has set up a 50: 50 joint venture with established Liverpool estate agents City Residential.
A strong student union is a union that can be inclusive for all students in a democratic way and that can represent and defend the rights of all students.
Helen Wakeford, president of the students' union, said: "We're delighted to have the best student union in Wales here.
For instance, how to ensure that the presence of student unions does not result in campus violence; how to check the interference of already existent political party wings does not create trouble; and, most importantly, how to hold student union officials accountable to electors.
The NUS Awards, to be held in the Thinktank science museum, will include award categories such as student unionist of the year, campaign of the year, course representative of the year, student union publication of the year and student journalist of the year.
We need you to develop or adopt a model for effective student union governance.
Students were told during a visit by the Principal of Warwickshire College, Ioan Morgan and Student Union president Louise Sanderson that after the merger later this year money would be spent improving facilities at Pershore.
Student union bosses have promised to keep a lid on noisy drinkers after their bar was granted late opening.
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