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a college or university building containing living quarters for students

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Cleaning (coarse + fine) of a student residence with approx.
We are thrilled to expand our student residence footprint in Manhattan to accommodate our growing student population, within the dynamic East Village neighborhood just a short commute to MMC's main campus," said Emmalyn Yamrick, Director of Residence Life.
The architecture of the student residences also reflects the castle themes with details such as archways and balconies.
Alberto Jimenez Fraud's writings are littered with references to the Student Residence and the Free Institution for Education, to which his commitment was vocational and enduring.
Howard University's student residence halls each have a plugged-in computing center, but the university's wireless network also reaches all individual dorm rooms.
Laurentian University has approved the detailed plans for the first student residence to be constructed on campus since 1972.
Previously, USA Today and the Times had been available only at Penn State student residence halls under the same discount.
The University Center in Chicago, which was financed with the series 2002 bond proceeds, is a 1,720 bed student residence facility that houses students from Columbia College Chicago, DePaul University, and Roosevelt University.
The new Pace University student residence hall at 33 Beekman Place, designed by Gene Kaufman Architect, P.
The university has a continual programme of investment, with current projects including a new 176 room student residence at Talybont Gate, a PS13.
A graduate student residence, designed by Morphosis in association with Teeple Architects and completed in 2000, is nearby and the main university library and sports centre are just a few streets away.
A DEVELOPER has won the right to more than double the size of a student residence in Coventry despite neighbours' fears it would change the character of the area and cause parking problems.
Contract notice: Refurbishment Student Residence Gret-Palucca Street 9 - los 02-A: Clearing.
GKA's design for the building, its third student residence hall project for Pace, reflects today's highest standards for collegiate residences, including more space per student, state-of-the art systems and technology and thoughtful shared amenities to promote community and quality of life.
The Sleeping Giant Visitor Centre, the Kashadaying Native Student Residence and the Elk Lake Eco-Resource Centre, which is scheduled to open this spring, are examples of wood-engineered projects in the North.
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