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a small permanent magnet in a metal container

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2 Using a stud finder to locate studs--in this case, 16 inches apart--Atkinson placed the standards 32 inches apart.
He also developed buzz-worthy programming stunts that raised DIY's profile, such as Stud Finder Talent Contest, Crash Across America, and the Search for America's Most Desperate Landscape in partnership with NBC's TODAY.
Best of all, the rails are pre-punched for all standard stud widths, so the only tools required to install the FastTrack system are a stud finder, a level and either a power screwdriver or drill.
Black & Decker's Bulls Eye Laser Level and Stud Finder ($70) has a sensor that detects studs through walls up to 3/4 inch thick.
New for 2009, Zircon introduces the StudSensor[TM] EDGE, a new stud finder that finds wood or metal studs up to 3/4 inch deep behind drywall.
Use a stud finder to locate the studs, and a level and a pencil to mark a horizontal line on the wall at the desired height.
For those that need a little help seeing what's behind the walls, an electronic stud finder is the perfect Father's Day gift.
July 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Q: When is a stud finder not a stud finder?
Zircon Corporation, the company that introduced the world's first electronic stud finder almost 30 years ago and established the electronic hand-held tool category, has filed suit against The Stanley Works (NYSE: SWK) for patent infringement.
CenterVision[R] marks the first major breakthrough in stud finding technology since Zircon introduced the original electronic stud finder in 1980.
Three of these tools, the world's first intelligent wall scanners, represent the most important breakthrough in scanning technology since Zircon invented the original electronic stud finder in 1980.
The website, which launched this fall, features information on the entire Strait-Line Electronic Tools line including: Laser Tape, Stud Finder, Laser Level and Adhesive Swivel Base accessory for the Laser Level.
The feature is incorporated into many Zircon products, including Zircon's best-selling StudSensor(TM) Pro SL stud finder.
Today, in addition to elevators, electric field sensing shows up in touch screens and pads on computers and stud finders that locate wooden supports in walls.