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a small permanent magnet in a metal container

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TOOLS: Circular saw or jigsaw, drill, clamp, level, stud finder, bolt cutter
The 18-V X-Drive Drill/Driver (2887-06) boasts several convenient features, such as a detachable stud finder, keyless chuck, and a Site-Lite built-in work light.
IF you're a girl who thinks a stud finder is a male escort service, then you need 100 Things You Don't Need A Man For by Alison Jenkins (Aurum Press, pounds 14.
Which involved new tools: a stud finder and a drywall saw.
Use a magnetic stud finder to locate nails in the vertical beams (studs) in the wall and mark their locations on the line.
He is best known for developing groundbreaking programming stunts such as the Stud Finder Talent Contest, Crash Across America, and the Search for America's Most Desperate Landscape, the latter in partnership with NBC's TODAY show.
You'll need a stud finder, a drywall saw, a drill and screws, and aluminum duct tape.
Homeowners wanting to do this project themselves will need a wall mount kit, power drill and bits, screwdriver, level, stud finder, cable-wire tester and another person to lift it into place.
2 Using a stud finder to locate studs--in this case, 16 inches apart--Atkinson placed the standards 32 inches apart.
The directions were simple enough and I had almost all the necessary tools, except for a drywall saw and a stud finder.
And other structural wall sections, drywall, cabinets, shelving, and fixtures and finishes can be fastened anywhere on the panel without the need of a stud finder.
He also developed buzz-worthy programming stunts that raised DIY's profile, such as Stud Finder Talent Contest, Crash Across America, and the Search for America's Most Desperate Landscape in partnership with NBC's TODAY.
A & B) if you don't have a stud finder ($15 at home centers), remove a cover plate and look for the two spacing knobs that are located on the side of plastic boxes.
STUD FINDER is the only stud finder available that can instantly find the location of studs--no sliding across the wall is required.
Black & Decker's Bulls Eye Laser Level and Stud Finder ($70) has a sensor that detects studs through walls up to 3/4 inch thick.