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a plaster now made mostly from Portland cement and sand and lime

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decorate with stucco work

coat with stucco

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The relegation of stuccowork to the status of craft and the modernist distaste for architectural decoration per se has led to an artificial and unnecessary distinction in much of the literature between architectural space and its decoration, an unfortunate fissure which this volume does much to redress.
The ancient edifices would have been coated with thick plaster ornamented with stuccowork and colourful paint.
Twenty-five years ago the building was in a state of extreme dilapidation; it is now completely restored through a remarkable project that has seen the recovery of lost techniques of building and ornamentation, including the repair of elaborate carved stuccowork, the restoration of the rich tempera wall paintings, and a revival of the manufacture of qudad, the smooth waterproof plaster so prominent in Yemeni architecture.
A rather surprising, bright red door leads into my suite, which has stuccowork on the ceiling.