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Synonyms for stubby

Synonyms for stubby

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short and blunt

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The men ship out to France aboard USS Minnesota with Stubby in tow and commanding officer Colonel Ty (Pharr again) gives his blessing to the creature's tour of duty.
Filmmaker Richard Lanni, who produced TV documentaries about World War II, was preparing a World War I project when he discovered the story of Stubby. For his first animated feature, Lanni and a team of artists have created a main character whose compact, athletic physique and wide, expressive eyes make for an endearing version of man's best friend.
This could also be the reason as to why insects and hummingbirds have very similar stubby wings and chord length, Lentink said, adding that the study, published in Britain' s Journal of the Royal Society Interface, can help aerodynamic research.
(I have a dry one ready to show them what it will look like.) The finished figures danced and ran and jumped through the crystal-like backgrounds and, most amazing of all, the legs and arms were not stubby!
But in this post-war novel, there is another possible source: America's celebrated war dog, Sergeant Stubby, who died 16 March 1926, and was then stuffed and mounted preparatory to being placed in the American Red Cross Museum in Washington, D.C.
A degree of sharpness is brought about by the bike's stubby, angular shape.
Stubby, recently deceased, stuffed and mounted, to be later displayed in the Red Cross Museum in Washington, D.C.
CASE REPORT: This 21 years old female presented with difficulty in learning, short stature with short stubby digits of hands and feet.
Through the 28-inch scope at low power (155x, a 5.5-mm exit pupil), the galaxy shows a fairly bright core with a small, much brighter nucleus surrounded by three stubby spiral arms and several H II regions.
The images show the comet sporting a well-defined parabolic hood in the sunward direction that tapers into a short and stubby tail pointing away from the Sun.
We've been delighted to see the return of the stubby bottle, partly because it's cool and retro, and more to the point, because it's more fun to drink from.
Then carefully melt old candles (or light the end of a stubby candle) and drip some wax on the tubes that have been placed on waxed paper or something that will protect your counter top.
My wife, our kids, and I live with two rescues, and it's unfathomable to me how many strangers will be loving all over our dogs out on the street somewhere but then suddenly recoil in horror when they inquire as to what kind of dog is happily allowing their unruly toddler to "ride" him and stick their stubby little fingers into his mouth.
The trick is where to position yourself on the stubby wings.