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Synonyms for stubby

Synonyms for stubby

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short and blunt

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Legend has it that Corporal Conroy was so smitten with Stubby that when it came time to ship out the Western Front, he smuggled the dog onto his vessel bound for France.
Pictures of hand and feet (a, b) showing short stubby hands (mesomelia), hyperplasia of great toes and hypoplastic 3rd and 4th digits of both feet.
It has toes that are webbed and short, stubby legs.
Skinny cuts--long axial engagement with small radial engagement--where each tooth bangs in to the work piece, tends to have a larger variation than a stubby cut where multiple teeth are in the cut.
However, swiftly drop a couple of gears via the stubby dash-mounted gearlever and a potent 197bhp is let loose from the Civic's two-litre VTEC engine.
shows that "an attacker with modest resources--just a few hundred dollars" of off-the-shelf equipment--can crack the codes of millions of car keys and the stubby wands that trigger the pumps at ExxonMobil gas stations, the team reports in a draft article posted Jan.
During the maintenance evolution, a squadron maintainer observed a stubby tractor drive between the aircraft station one pod and the "junkyard," going toward the bow.
SARS-CoV spikes appeared short and stubby (16-17 nm) when compared to those of other coronaviruses (20 nm).
Logistics planning in today's dynamic contingency environment cannot be left to stubby pencil planning.
To understand this project with its 'infinite number of obligations', it might help to realize that an eye for economy, together with an ingenious separation of programme functions--rendered in gorgeous colour bars in collaboration with Bruce Mau Design that recall Le Corbusier's vibrant colour keys--precipitated the stubby, irregular building shape outside.
I could walk in the paint and make a lovely design with my paw prints, or could dip my stubby little tail in the paint and try to paint that way.
Huge numbers of the pink-feet with their stubby bills can be seen in Scotland, the North West and East Anglia.
Stubby and the Buccaneers, Loulla Bell and Scotty, Arkie, the Beaver Valley Sweethearts, Red Blanchard, Homer and Jethro, and Dolph Hewitt.
This cute animal is beloved for its abject qualities: oversize head, chubby body, stubby limbs, delicate constitution, big sad eyes, and sexual problems in captivity.
Council leader, Mike Storey, said: "While many people still like to vote by marking their cross with the traditional stubby pencil in a polling booth, there are new ways in which people can have their say .