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Synonyms for stubbornly

in a stubborn unregenerate manner

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Often she would stubbornly refuse to pronounce some particular word in her lesson; and now I regret the lost labour I have had in striving to conquer her obstinacy.
They would have bought wine for him, at enormous expense, had he not stubbornly stuck to his beer.
Meanwhile, Sophie stubbornly risks angering Marchal.
Global Banking News-December 23, 2015--Inflation stubbornly low in France
WASHINGTON (CyHAN)- Almost 30 years after the Montreal Protocol put the brakes on ozone-depleting chemicals, one compound remains stubbornly and mysteriously abundant in the atmosphere.
If inflation remains stubbornly low, the ECB should consider a large-scale asset purchase programme, primarily of sovereign assets, according to the ECB's capital key," it said.
26 ( ANI ): President Barack Obama is stubbornly clinging to his electoral advantage over Republican rival Mitt Romney in swing states, two polls have found.
She added: "It is a welcome sign that the stubbornly high number of companies seeing the overall cost of finance increase has fallen to the lowest level since the financial crisis.
Summary: Stubbornly high inflation is set to trigger another open letter from Bank of England Governor to the Chancellor.
Now indie rockers Orphan Boy are looking to broaden their horizons with a sophomore set designed to shake off the 'lad rock' tag that has stubbornly clung to them.
Neskova is amazed how Macedonian politicians stubbornly pay attention to the commas and words and insists on fulfilling the form and not the content and show their caprices while they are constantly boasting that they work for the good of the country.
Different conditions will greet Kevin Ryan's chestnut upon his arrival in the Gulf than for the six-furlong event, which was ran in a blanket of fog that stubbornly refused to lift all afternoon.
1 : to keep on doing or saying something : continue stubbornly <The reporter persisted with questions.
30pm) Darryl lands with Tina he's been Kevin stubbornly consider Tony's Sally worried finances.
On the chair, I sit as the amaryllis stubbornly blooms.