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Synonyms for stubbled

having a short growth of beard

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We set up the decoys, stubbled up the blinds, turned on the e-caller, and waited .
They look awful, but so do we, scummy and stubbled in the funkiest Salvation Army clothes we can find, but they--and we--roll quiet.
THE lowering late summer sun highlights the recently stubbled fields and forests of the Derwent Valley, surrounded by the purple Pennines and distant Cheviot Hills.
Western Illinois harbors monster whitetails, skulking along fencerows and harassing estrous-enhanced does across stubbled cornfields.
Birdsell was carrying the decoy in front of me as we trekked across the stubbled pasture.
Instead, concealed by fences and shrubs of camouflage, we stalk Ardis like spies, watch her stride back and forth across the roughly stubbled golf course; swinging her club at the ball, sending it out of sight, she plays one round after another until, with burned skin, she drives us home at sunset.
First Friday Mass dismissed, my blessing gone With them into the brittle cold of dawn, The ladies of my "remnant" snugged along The stubbled field of maize toward Madison And home.
With Sotloff's video, dated, Sept 2, Sotloff has stubbled hair and beard - this indicates that Sotloff's killing took place days after Foley's, (http://edition.
Dressed in shorts and sneakers without socks, he is a heavily stubbled, dirty man not in search of human company, only some form of inebriation.
In leading his team to a resounding win over Wales on Sunday, the stubbled face of new England moved third in the all-time list of Red Rose captains.
The boy on the rake went to and fro, up and down across the stubbled field, trying to salvage every wisp.
This was in contrast to the hairless body but often stubbled face of current Bond Daniel Craig, researchers said.
IT''S A revelation to find Derbyshire-born hard man Jason Statham laying himself emotionally bare in Hummingbird, a gritty portrait of life in present day London, which suggests there might be a decent actor behind the muscular physique and stubbled chin.
And just by the house is the best field of all, stubbled with leeks, where a figure in black comes walking, cae llidiard offeiriad, field of the priest's hurdle, to take his tithe.
Answer: when Farrell has the stubbled menace of Roy Keane, he's terrific.