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Nurzaman, the head of the Jambi Natural Resources Conservation Agency, said laboratory tests showed the animals died from strychnine poisoning, a toxic substance often used as rodent poison.
(27) Strychnine poisoning is unique among epileptogenic plant poisonings because it causes initial CNS stimulation manifested by fasciculations and hyperreflexia followed by severe tonoclonic muscle spasms with opisthotonic posturing without loss of consciousness.
Who would like her, she reasoned, alter learning of her eight prison stays, or of the time a doctor warned she could lose her arms because of strychnine poisoning and all she could think about was how she would then be able to inject heroin?
A HEARTBROKEN dog lover who lost two of his pets to suspected strychnine poisoning has issued a plea to find the killer.
(37) It was a fine line indeed between death from either snakebite or strychnine poisoning.
Doctors were convinced that the blacksmith had been the victim of strychnine poisoning and investigators found a bottle of the poison in the nephew's possessions.
Farmers say a ban on strychnine poisoning will mean a population explosion of moles - which are thought to cause deadly contamination of silage Composite image: ANDREW FORGRAVE