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abnormally enlarged thyroid gland

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a form of tuberculosis characterized by swellings of the lymphatic glands

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We commemorate in sorrow all those who lost their lives in the Struma tragedy, while escaping from the Holocaust, one of the gravest disasters in human history.
The Struma was a small trading and storage ship, about 150 feet in length.
Despite its role in thyroid metabolism, serum levels of selenium in patients with various thyroid disorders were decreased in all patients, without subjects with struma nodosa hyperthyreosis.
El struma ovarii es un teratoma ovarico de variante monodermica, cuyas primeras descripciones fueron realizadas por Bottlin en 1889, quien reconocio que estaba constituido por tejido tiroideo (1, 2).
A little more than a week after Israel apologized to Turkey over the May 2010 Gaza flotilla raid, Likud MK Moshe Feiglin demanded on Sunday that Turkey apologize for the February 1942 sinking of the MV Struma in the Black Sea.
The Struma disaster is the subject of a new book written by Halit KakynE*, and its preface is written by, yes, Alaton himself.
Cases of struma ovarii were considered biologically malignant if any one of the 3 following criteria were met: (1) extraovarian spread was detected at presentation; (2) tumor was detected on the ovarian serosa; or (3) there was recurrence after initial surgery, regardless of histology.
Struma fault zone is a bundle of parallel faults following direction 150-170[degrees].
Struma ovarii was initially explained by Bottlin in 1888 and then by Ludwig Pick in the early twentieth century, who recognized it as a teratoma composed of thyroid tissue.
If there is one episode that encapsulates the totality of the catastrophe engulfing European Jewry, it is the fate of the 768 hapless refugees who arrived in Istanbul on December 15, 1941 aboard the Struma, a 180 ton ramshackle riverboat lacking power, fuel, food, water and other necessities.
In which Eastern European country can the Struma River and Mesta River be found?
The final pathology report showed a mature teratoma of the left ovary featuring dermoid cyst, respiratory anlaga, and struma ovarii.
The WWF is notably concerned over current plans for the Via Baltica highway going straight through the Biebrza National Park and many of Poland's most outstanding natural areas, despite the existence of less environmentally destructive alternatives, the Struma motorway through the Kresna Gorge in Bulgaria, and the development of a canal linking the Danube with the Oder and Elbe rivers.
Perhaps the eyeglasses should have reminded Mr Kay of the Jews who died at sea in the Exodus or the Struma because England would not take them, or the Jews of the St Louis who couldn't enter Britain because they had too many Jews already.
The Struma was a converted "gentleman's yacht" bound for British-controlled Palestine and caught in the political minefield between the Germans, British, Russians and Turks, When British diver Greg Buxton, whose two grandfathers had perished in the Struma tragedy, decided to raise the ship, Jacobovici knew he had a great story.