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thin sheet of filled dough rolled and baked

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Originally, the strudel (coming from an old Germanic word for whirlpool, presumably because of the rolled nature of the pud) appeared in Hungary, but soon spread across the Germanic countries of old Europe, settling most comfortably in Austria, where the classic Apfelstrudel we know today was born.
On our flight my friend Sue, indulging in an uncharacteristic flirtation with organisation, discovered a place where we could watch appfel strudel being made.
The key to the strudel is to make the pastry thin enough to read a newspaper through it and to be able to stretch pastry out on a table - Georg suggests using your coffee table.
Spinach, because of its powerful, acidic flavour, is an acquired taste for most people but here, the light-as-air strudel wrapping just took off the edge.
Other appetizers include lobster strudel ($10.95); and the soup list includes liver dumpling ($6.95), potato cream ($6.45) and goulash ($6.95), among others.
Using 2 wide spatulas, slide strudels, 1 at a time, onto a platter.
It launched 181 new products including toasted strudels, which will pop up in the UK early next year.
Goat's Cheese & Onion Strudels with Black Grape Puree (Serves 4) Onion: 2 large white onions, peeled and sliced as thinly as possible 125g salted butter Large splash extra-virgin olive oil S&P Strudels: 200-250g Goat's cheese log, divided into 4 even pieces Nigella (black onion) seeds Toasted chopped hazelnuts (optional) A few rosemary needles, very finely chopped 8 square sheets fresh filo pastry, plus a few more for safety 125g butter, melted 1 egg, beaten Grape Puree: 1kg black seedless grapes Juice of ' lemon 1 tsp golden caster sugar Let's make the grape puree first: Preheat the oven to 180C.
ICEFRESH Foods, Holt, North Norfolk has teamed up with Fricopan, the specialist German bakery company to bring authentic frozen Strudels directly from Germany to the UK.
While the Bavarian company specializes in making all kinds of strudels as well as baked apple rings, onion pie and yeast dumplings with plums, its piece de resistance features a blend of freshly peeled apples, cream, butter and spices wrapped in free strudel dough.
After your exercise, you can tuck into tasty Austrian cuisine - be it sausages or strudels - at a comfy hotel or family-run guest-house without fear of piling on the pounds.
(In a future issue, NAH will "rate the pastries," taking a closer look at danish, turnover, strudels, and pies.)