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Synonyms for structured

having definite and highly organized structure

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resembling a living organism in organization or development


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The seven-partner practice will focus on structured transactions involving real estate and related assets and draw upon the resources of specialists in the Firm's real estate, corporate, tax and bankruptcy groups.
Leithwood and Stager (1989) and Leithwood and Steinbach (1995) found that expert and non-expert principals respond similarly to structured problems.
Hence, when our words and actions as teachers coalesce into a structured framework, we implicitly transmit the importance of structure to our students, who may then assimilate it in a natural and partly subconscious way into their playing and practice habits.
In nonphysical injury cases, structured settlements, paired with nonqualified assignments, may provide plaintiffs with payment security and tax deferral resulting from periodic payments.
In classes with high numbers of students with low ambiguity tolerance, instructors might reexamine the utility of employing a more structured approach.
Ludwig and acting Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS) Director Jonathan Fiechter, Gonzalez said difficulties in evaluating cash flow characteristics and risks of structured notes were reasons to "ensure thrifts that purchase structured notes are capable of managing the risks they pose.
Leveraging the company's expertise in Structured ASICs, ChipX is introducing today embedded array products built with Structured ASIC libraries, also know as a 'Structured ASIC fabric'.
They are (a) traditional, Co) structured multimedia learning, and (c) unstructured multimedia learning.
The financing was structured as a 10-year term loan, with 25-year amortization, 74% LTV and a 1.
Linguists also try to make some sense out the observations and to explain why languages seem to be structured in particular ways.
How do you explain the financial exposure to your client in a situation such as this - such as the impact it could have on their business or personally if the fund is not properly structured, or the investments improperly chosen?
a leading developer of sophisticated structured finance analysis and monitoring software.
NEW YORK -- JPMorgan has proposed an industry standard for United States retail structured products that would increase transparency, alleviate investor confusion and facilitate easier comparison among various investments.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings has released a new study examining the default experience of Fitch-rated global structured finance securities over the period 1991-2005.
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