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Synonyms for structure

Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

Synonyms for structure

a usually permanent construction, such as a house or store

to create by combining parts or elements

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Synonyms for structure

a thing constructed

a particular complex anatomical part of a living thing

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This evidence suggests that structure overhang may have been a factor behind the large and persistent drop in the growth of investment in structures during the recession and the subsequent early years of the recovery.
Note that every minimal structure is a complimentary weak structure but not conversely as the following example shows:
Today, chemists and engineers are making their own sophisticated versions of pop-up structures. What they lack in whimsy, they may someday gain in practical function.
Air structures are used frequently as practice sport facilities but require a constant source of energy to maintain the air pressure to keep them inflated.
To collapse the attached shed roofs, deconstruction workers cut the roofs at their upper most connections and pulled them from the main structure, utilizing cables and a four-wheel drive pickup.
An understanding of contrapuntal structure has ramifications not only for note learning, but for interpretation as well.
And of course there are creative disagreements about how to approach social structure and what, if any, theoretical frameworks to apply.
Working with the new epitaxial layer structure, Toshiba processed and optimized the FET unit structure, including gate length and distance of source and drain electrodes and this produced high performance in the C-band and higher frequencies.
In order to successfully austemper cast iron, it should have a consistent chemical analysis, consistent graphite shape and distribution, and a matrix structure essentially free of porosity and carbides.
Surplus Note Structure: This alternative (See "Securitization Through the Issuance of Surplus Notes" below.) involves the issuance of subordinated, unsecured notes linked to the performance of a policy block, with no recourse to the company.
In fact, under the structure contemplated by these transactions, the plaintiff does not have the right to demand anything from the assignee other than the promised periodic payments as they become due.
A member of the former BBC Brains Trust (C.E.M Joad) used to reply to every question with, "It all depends what you mean by X." I could reply that it all depends on what you mean by "structure" and "same." Anglo-Saxon observers often underestimate how long EU changes take; but they also underestimate the extent to which European governments eventually follow preannounced schedules and decisions, if only because they are too exhausted with paperwork to do anything else.
However, despite the first impression this dome-shaped structure creates, it is a visitor not from another planet, but from another time.
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