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support that is a constituent part of any structure or building

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The foam injected by the foaming installation between the PP structural member and the slush skin for the soft touch of the instrument panel must adhere at certain places but not at others.
The development of engineering imposes stringent requirements on the reliability and longevity of both individual structural members and machines as a whole.
A simplified analysis method is desirable for furniture engineers to perform daily quick design calculations to estimate structural member sizes without the need of assistance from expensive structural simulation software.
At the given stage in addition to the over-ground construction one should check under-ground part of facility and also individual structural members connecting the main structural parts (for example, in case of transversal frames--under-crane beams, braces, etc.
Finite element analysis and calculation charts for two-dimensional temperature field of structural members
The use of the nonlinear state diagrams enables us to calculate the actual stress-strain state parameters of structural members (of the compression and the tension zones, the crack depth, etc.
Every major structural member of the space-frame is high-strength steel (HSS).
In the manufacture of a structural member comprising a thermoplastic composite core with an exterior reinforcing layer, the core member is initially extruded in the shape of a profile.
The 13 chapters compare the different dynamic response analysis methods, identify doors and windows that can withstand a blast, and recommend upgrades for structural member connections, framing members, concrete walls, and roof systems.
The EagleBeam(TM) uses a folded web technology and ultra high tensile strength steel to create one of the strongest and lightest primary structural member in the market.
A second example of such a hybrid process involves encapsulation of a pultruded S-glass/epoxy structural member and a cable assembly inside a thermoplastic elastomer shape (see diagram).
This material can take the place of steel in many body structural member applications.
For each type of structural member or system, the authors set forth recommended design rules with clear explanations of how they were derived.
The "Racetrack" design is a combined baffle and reinforcing assembly used within the cavity of a structural member to dampen noise through the cavity and provide reinforcement in a crosswise direction.
A wood structural member of the present invention, such as a laminated wood beam, a wood I-beam, or a truss, includes multiple wood segments and plural multiple-fibersynthetic reinforcements.
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