structural linguistics

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linguistics defined as the analysis of formal structures in a text or discourse

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The first researchers on film semiotics applied the methodology of structural linguistics of segmentation and classification in order to identify the underlying non-perceptible system of film.
Thus, within structural linguistics as in within poststructuralist feminism, language is not assumed to be a representation of ideas that either cause material relations or from which such relations follow; indeed, the idealist/materialist opposition is a false one to impose on this approach.
If Atac's initial efforts do not always bear fruit, this is no reason not to share the author's hope that a flowering of the structural linguistic approach to Neo-Assyrian iconography is still to come.
From Saussure's structural linguistics to the necessary Derrida, Foucault, Lyotard, and Baudrillard, to American pragmatism, postcolonialism, and feminism, his summary aims at comprehensiveness, albeit occasionally at the expense of depth.
Already in the introduction, speaking about the second part of the book, he acknowledges that descriptions of the influence of structural linguistics on Lacanian theory are 'already available in countless introductory books,' and he defends the originality of his approach by highlighting a number of questions, e.
The thing giving meaning to human activity, likewise structural linguistics cannot be found in the single action performed consciously.
Studies in Functional and Structural Linguistics, 55) Amsterdam and Philadelphia: John Benjamins.
Peter Matthews: A Short History of Structural Linguistics.
By borrowing methodologies from structural linguistics for teaching parts of speech we have created a slightly different kind of traditional grammar--a slightly less traditional, traditional grammar.
In a series of articles, most of them reprinted in his now famous books, Levi-Strauss would hail structural linguistics as the grail of the humanities, the philosophers' stone that would transform the social sciences into exact ones.
The Revolutionary Power of Women's Laughter," curated by Jo Anna Isaak and including work by Ilona Granet, Mike Glier, Mary Kelly, Jenny Holzer, Nancy Spero, and Barbara Kruger, opens at Protetch McNeil, New York, Isaak's essay relies heavily on structural linguistics and Lacanian psychoanalysis in advancing the cause of feminist art practices.
Thus, if the reader is seeking a statement about natural theories of language or universal theories of grammar and semantics or new developments in structural linguistics, he/she will not find them in Becker's work, for they are not what Becker seeks to generate.
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