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a gene that controls the production of a specific protein or peptide

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A high expression of GhANS at 20 DPA probably involved regulatory genes which are responsible for the expression of any structural gene (Holton and Cornisch 1995).
IGFBP-3 is a structural gene of IGFs system which is an important regulator in hair growth and hair follicle biology.
There is also the development of a one-step SYBR Green I-based real-time RT-PCR assay reported for detection and quantification of CHIKV in acute-phase patient serum samples by targeting the E1 structural gene.
Approximately half of the 300 Pasteurella strains studied to date carry the structural gene for a leukotoxin capable of destroying host defense leukocytes.
The application is directed towards a double-stranded synthetic gene comprising multiple copies of a structural gene region having a nucleotide sequence which is identical to a nucleotide sequence of a target gene in a eukaryotic cell.
They also wanted to obtain structural gene sequence information for those bacteriocins.
In many cases, large genomic clones of specific crop plants will be imperative for the isolation of genomic regions, either up or down stream from the structural gene, interacting with important trans-acting factors controlling gene expression.
Interplay between promoter and structural gene variants control basal serum level of mannan-binding protein.
DNA sequence analysis of one of the clones revealed a putative bacteriocin operon composed of the structural gene, the transporter gene, and the immunity gene.
To correct for any variation in amounts of DNA loaded, the slot blots were stripped of probe DNA and rehybridized with the nitrate reductase structural gene (plasmid pMN24; Fernandez et al.
However, this region overlaps Amy2, a known structural gene for AA, so there may be multiple QTLs which are too close to be separated in this type of analysis.
pombe), an expression vector having the gene and a foreign protein structural gene, a multicloning vector for construction of the expression vector which has the secretion signal gene, and efficient secretory production of the foreign protein structural gene product by S.
The resulting colonies harbored plasmid p18MUR050 with an insert of [approximately equal to] 9 kb, which when sequenced showed armA, the structural gene for a 16S rRNA methylase (10).
Evidence for the inclusion of controlling elements within the structural gene at the waxy locus of maize.
Alignment of previously published sequences for the structural gene region (223 codons of prM/E) (14) showed that 8 of the 10 older Para strains had one or more mutations within the fusion peptide of the E protein (Figure 3) that is highly conserved among all flaviviruses; it is located in domain II (E98-E110) and plays a role in mediating the acid-catalyzed fusion of virions with target cell membranes (22).
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