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an expanded molecular formula showing the arrangement of atoms within the molecule

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3+]ions are equally distributed between A and B-sites: structural formula of these ferrites are [Fe.
About 292 molecules were gathered from searched papers, and PubChem, Chemspider database were looked for finding structural formulas of these screened molecules.
13) showed that knowing only a refrigerant's NBP and its structural formula, the mean absolute error ([e.
Draw the structural formula of the organic product of the reaction between phenylamine and ethanoyl chloride, CH[thorn]COCI.
His imagination adds dramatic nuance and dynamic phrasing to Parsons's structural formula of plunking inventive duets between full-company passages.
The concept of group participation is further reinforced in the structural formula of the song itself.
When the structural formula of a remarkable, newly synthesized molecule resembles the shape of an oriental temple, the molecule's informal name can be nothing other than "pagodane.
The structural formula of the Colombian vermiculite estimated from its chemical composition and following the methodology described in Wilson M.
This "spherand,' depicted as a structural formula (near right) and as it would appear as a molecule (far right), has a cylindrical cavity with a diameter of 3 angstroms and a length of 8 angstroms.
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