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Synonyms for struck

(used in combination) affected by something overwhelming

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Labour caught us napping and struck at our weakest place, the stomach.
The gong struck, and after the fleeting minute of rest, they went at it again--in Joe's corner, for Ponta had made a rush to meet him clear across the ring.
His opponent only was applauded--if he struck a blow, if he escaped a blow; he, Ponta, who had forced the fighting from the start, had received no word of cheer.
They struck, but no one was permitted to strike back, for behind them were the prison cells and the clubs of the stupid policemen--paid and professional fighters and beaters-up of men.
Each has sworn that the other struck the first blow; each has sworn that the other made an unprovoked assault on him.
He was pursued by beasts of prey, struck at by deadly snakes.
The last bullet of all, making a double ricochet from two different trees and losing most of its momentum, struck Sheldon a sharp blow on the forehead and dropped at his feet.
Sheldon knew now what would happen to him if a bullet struck his body.
He might have struck the King, but then there would have been left to him no alternative save death by his own hand; for a king may not fight with a lesser mortal, and he who strikes a king may not live--the king's honor must be satisfied.
Had a French king struck him De Vac would have struck back, and gloried in the fate which permitted him to die for the honor of France; but an English King --pooh
At the suggestion Tarzan started as though struck with a whip.
No doubt, on board the Abraham Lincoln, when the Canadian struck it with the harpoon, Commander Farragut had recognised in the supposed narwhal a submarine vessel, more dangerous than a supernatural cetacean.
Ned Land took his handkerchief to wave in the air; but he had scarcely displayed it, when he was struck down by an iron hand, and fell, in spite of his great strength, upon the deck.
Diana herself had taught him how to kill every kind of wild creature that is bred in mountain forests, but neither she nor his famed skill in archery could now save him, for the spear of Menelaus struck him in the back as he was flying; it struck him between the shoulders and went right through his chest, so that he fell headlong and his armour rang rattling round him.
Meriones overtook him as he was flying, and struck him on the right buttock.