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one section of a lyric poem or choral ode in classical Greek drama

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The tenth strophe summarizes the long part that precedes it by one verse: Halbgotter denk ich jetz (Now I am thinking of half-gods).
Belonging to the symbolist movement and displaying a very hermetic character, the poem The Graveyard by the Sea is a seaside metaphysical meditationon the meaning of life and death, composed of 24 strophes of six lines each.
In the penultimate strophe of "La Marseillaise," Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle sanctifies the fatherland: "Amour, sacre de la patrie / conduis, soutiens nos bras vengeurs.
More importantly, in each case, all nine versions are being used together in the Prologos and the Epilogos, while in the main body of the works, with every new strophe, different combinations appear, with one of the versions being kept throughout as an axis or as a point of reference.
1) Strophe and antistrophe are two major elements found in Classic Greek theatre in which the strophe and antistrophe are delivered by the chorus, who offer commentary throughout the play Strophe and antistrophe form the central debate or argument within the play (Hathaway).
Wir bemerken zwar in der sanft abfallenden Szene wieder dieselben Elemente--Mineralreich (Land), Pflanzenreich (Birnen und Rosen), Tierreich (Schwane)--aber es wird auf keine evolutionare Entwicklung hingewiesen, sondern, wie in der fast unubersichtlichen Sekundarliteratur regelmassig bemerkt wird, die Landschaft der ersten Strophe steht in "dialektischer" oder "antithetischer" Gegensatzlichkeit zum menschlichen Gebiet der zweiten Strophe (Adorno 362).
Dans cette strophe, Valery joue avec le motif de la transparence du langage.
He "comments" on the first strophe of the drinking song quoted above as follows:
The influence of Shakespeare is undeniable, but there is nothing remotely lyrical about the violation of Cate and Ian, or Phaedra or Strophe in Phaedra's Love.
17) Moreover, writes Ringe, this first strophe of the opening hymn "sets the stage for a story of the continued engagement of the divine Creator with the creation.
Les commentateurs ne s'accordent pas sur le sens qu'il faut donner a la quatrieme strophe : les uns y voient l'annonce du mariage de la jeune Lalage, les autres l'evocation de son eveil sexuel, voire sa metamorphose en puella seductrice.
The use of the name Strophe for the interpolated character, who assumes many of the narrative functions of the nurse but who is, in Kane's play, Phaedra's daughter from a relationship prior to her marriage to Theseus, suggests that Kane at some point may have consulted a translation of Euripides' play that marked the choral strophes and antistrophes.
In other words, as initially invoked by the questions Baraka asks in strophe nine, "They say (who say?
14) The first of these is placed at the end of the first epode (31-40) and the beginning of the second strophe (41-80), in the grand company of Hieron's excellence, military successes and father Deinomenes, and of Nike, Ares and the river Alpheos.
Il bat sur son tambour trois fois, apres chaque strophe du chant.