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a mineral consisting of strontium carbonate

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Ebenezer Emmons (1799-1863), a physician, chemist, agriculturalist, stratigrapher and paleontologist with the Geological Survey of New York, contributed the most specimens (46), including strontianite (Emmons 1835), from the well-known localities in the Schoharie area of New York State (Fig.
Lines covered in the deal include salts, sulphur (except sublimed, precipitated and colloidal sulphur), natural graphite, quartz, silica and quartz sands, kaolin or other kaolinitic clays, bentonite, decolourising earths and Fuller's earth, fire-clay, andalusite, mullite, chamotte, microdol, natural calcium phosphates, natural barium sulphate, natural barium carbonate, gypsum, white asbestos, talc, natural arsenite, strontianite (not stronitium oxide), natural cryolite and chiolite, fluorspar, vermiculite, perlite and chlorites (unexpanded), and others.
The cliffs,near Lavernock Point, at Penarth,are made of marl cut through by celestine and strontianite mineral veins.
The cliffs near Lavernock Point, Penarth are made of Marl cut through with Celestine and Strontianite mineral veins.