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a mineral consisting of strontium carbonate

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1835, Strontianite in the vicinity of Ball's cave, Schoharie: American Journal of Science, v.
A number of other minerals have been found there as well, including the rare minerals bottinoite and brianyoungite (for which the mine is the type locality), and a suite of primary minerals (bournonite, millerite, strontianite, and ullmannite) which are not common in other Mississippi Valley-type deposits.
Antique specimens from the Wheatley mines, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania were available, as were contemporary minerals from Pennsylvania quarries such as calcite, strontianite, pyrite, prehnite and quartz.
This assemblage consists of albite, quartz, dawsonite, weloganite and calcite as the principal minerals, with less abundant strontianite, barite, cryolite, fluorite and pyrite.
Associated minerals are: natrolite, aegirine, microcline, catapleiite, fluorapatite, titanite, fluorite, galena, sphalerite, strontianite, annite, astrophyllite, lorenzenite, labuntsovite-Mn, kuzmenkoite-Mn, cerite-(Ce), edingtonite, ilmenite and calcite.
Among the things in the case that one could espy between jostling shoulders of eager shoppers were large, world-class specimens of Neudorf galena, Andreasberg pink apophyllite, Austrian brookite and strontianite, Ems pyromorphite, Siegerland rhodochrosite--oh, and one superlative little calcite thumbnail from Fischbach, near Idar-Oberstein, which (you guessed it) I could not afford.
Associated minerals are: aegirine, anatase, ancylite-(Ce), barylite, catapleiite, cerite-(Ce), chabazite-Ca, edingtonite, fluorapatite, galena, ilmenite, microcline, natrolite, sphalerite, strontianite and vanadinite.
The study area is north of Sierra Mojada, a source of iridescent smithsonite recently mined by Benny Fenn, strontianite and celestine described by Kreiger (1933) and the silver, copper and cobalt minerals reported by Van Horn (1911).
The quarries are now inactive, and the strontianite crystal specimens have never been plentiful on the U.
This mineral was earlier misidentified by collectors as strontianite or stilbite.
Strontianite is rare in the north Pennines (see Young, 1985b).
Associated minerals are: calcite, dolomite, strontianite, ewaldite, minerals of the serpentine and apatite groups, pyrrhotite, pyrite, chalcopyrite, sphalerite, and pyrochlore.
Naturally it's easy for anyone to enjoy simply looking at case after case of phenomenal fluorite, calcite, galena, sphalerite, witherite, strontianite etc.